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Why OpenAIRE Monitor

Benefits in its use

  • Your research outputs count

    As a funder, your research outputs count. Are you aware how many open access publications your funding streams produce? How can you monitor these valuable research items? The importance in obtaining this data in an agile and easy way, in a single environment, can be helped with this service.

    OpenAIRE provides a service for national funders to report the outcomes of their work, and to give an overview of scholarly output, enabling visibility to all stakeholders:

    Funder Monitoring Dashboard:



  • Compliance

    OpenAIRE is the authoritative source for EC and it is used by other funders to view the outcomes, publications, research data, and software produced by the research groups it funds. Through OpenAIRE you can get more information about the research outputs of the projects you finance and give them more visibility, because we collect and process all the data you need in one place - MONITOR.
  • Easy reporting

    In addition, OpenAIRE allows the researcher and/or administrator to gather the outcomes of their projects all in a single webpage in order to simplify reporting.

    OpenAIRE can also provide advance analytics on demand that can be exported with the ease of a click.

  • Transparent infrastructure

    OpenAIRE stands for an open and transparent policy on open science, to empower a research infrastructure that gives access to all funded research results (research literature, datasets, software and other research products).

    Therefore open access, open research data and open science require participatory and joined-up infrastructures in order to embed a culture of ‘open’ and ‘transparent’ in national funder and institutional policies.

  • Interoperability

    There are many aspects related to Open Access which require a variety of accompanying aligned policies and efficient, interlinked infrastructures for a seamless Open Science environment. The data within these rich information infrastructures needs to be connected and interoperable, in order to provide a free and instant access to scholarly communication outputs. OpenAIRE already has an active participation in these matters, since it supports European funders, with policy implementation and actively supports countries with national Open Access / Open Science policies and with EC directives.
  • Policies and mandates

    There are significant economic, social and educational benefits in making research outputs available to access without financial, legal and technical barriers. Open Access (OA) incorporates national research into an interoperable network of global knowledge, increases national research impact, provides new research partnerships, and removes professional isolation.

    The Commission’s strategy is to develop and implement OA to research results from projects funded by the EU Research Framework Programmes, namely FP7 and Horizon 2020.

    For more information about policies and mandates see our guide here.

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