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NaMeCos in the OpenAIRE AMKE

The OpenAIRE AMKE has two kinds of membership:

  • regular members: they can cast a vote in the AMKE General Assembly. There is one regular member per country
  • associate members: they are not voting in the AMKE General Assembly, but they decide together with the regular member. There can be many associate members per country; together with the regular member, they form the National Member Consortium (NaMeCo).

What is a NaMeco in short:

  • a National Members Consortium
  • it involves all OpenAIRE Members in a particular country
  • one member (Regular) casts the vote, all collectively decide
  • the members define the decision-making process by themselves and only notify OpenAIRE about their choice
    • OpenAIRE does not interfere
    • OpenAIRE may provide support (process and documents) if requested

NaMeCo Template Agreement (PDF)

Active NaMeCos in the OpenAIRE AMKE:

  • France (Couperin*, University of Lille)
  • Germany (University of Bielefeld, University of Göttingen*, University of Konstanz)

According to the OpenAIRE AMKE statutes:

"5. All Regular Members constitute the OpenAIRE General Assembly, have voting rights and are parties of the OpenAIRE Non-Profit Legal Civil Partnership in accordance to the Greek civil law. The OpenAIRE Members of an Eligible Country, which are not NOADs, are Associate Members and have an observer status in the General Assembly and agree to the terms and conditions of the OpenAIRE Non-Profit Legal Civil Partnerships without being parties thereof. Regular and Associate Members of each Eligible Country constitute National Members Consortia (NaMeCos). Each NaMeCo decides their internal rules of choosing a NOAD after the initial period of 18 months of the OpenAIRE operation and submit that as a formal procedure to the OpenAIRE General Assembly."