In 2015, the Swedish Research Council developed a proposal for national guidelines for open access to scientific information , including publications, research data and artistic works. The proposal was produced in consultation with the National Library of Sweden and other relevant actors. It presents a proposal for how national guidelines should be formulated and includes suggestions for further assignments, investigations and allocation of responsibilities, together with a proposal that a national coordination function be set up at the appropriate authority, with the mandate to coordinate the work.

In 2017, the National Library of Sweden received the Government's assignment to nationally coordinate the implementation of open access to publications and to do this in consultation with the Swedish Research Council. The NLS has initiated five studies with the aim to produce recommendations on how to solve different obstacles to the realisation of open access to publications. During 2017-2019 five working groups with representation from HEIs, research funders, the research community and the NLS are studying the following five topics.

  • The current merit and resource allocation system versus incentives for open access;
  • Funding for a transition from a subscription-based to an open access publishing system;
  • Open access to scholarly monographs;
  • Financial and technical support for converting peer-reviewed and scholarly journals from toll access to open access;
  • Monitoring of compliance with open access policies and mandates.

In 2017 the Swedish Resarch Council received the Swedish government’s assignment to nationally coordinate the implementation of open access to research data. The assignment shall be accomplished in consultation with the National Library of Sweden and the National Archive of Sweden. The Swedish Research Council intends to be a driving actor for policies regarding open access to research data, in particular with regards to developing guidelines and generating incentives for researchers to make their research data open access.

As a part of the work with the assignment the Swedish Research Council will:

  • Contribute to and facilitate constructive discussions on research data management and research data access
  • Be policy driving in questions regarding open access to research data, e.g. concerning the production of guidelines and creating incentives
  • Work both nationally and internationally (e.g. lessons learned and cooperations)
  • Work in close cooperation with research

In December 2017 the Swedish Government assigned the National Library of Sweden to develop indicators to assess the extent to which scientific publications, which have been fully or partially produced by public funding, meet the national objective of open access being fully implemented in 2026. The indicators should enable an assessment of whether scientific publications are immediately available on publication. In parallel the Government instructs the Swedish Research Council to develop criteria to assess the extent to which research data, which has been fully or partly produced by public funding, complies with the FAIR principles. Based on the assessment indicators presented, the National Library shall also propose a method that shows a comprehensive picture of scientific publications and research data together at both national level and for publicly funded research institutions, respectively. The assignment shall be reported to the Government Offices no later than 28 February 2019.

Since 2018, the government has requested that the National Library of Sweden to compile the total expenditure for scientific publishing. The National Library of Sweden will pay particular attention to costs for subscriptions, APCs and administrative expenses.

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