Jun 19, 2022

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New era. New webpage. New Us.

Jun 19, 2022

After a decade of spearheading the principles of openness in Europe and beyond, OpenAIRE emerged as a key player in the Open Science landscape. And decided to go one step further. In 2018, OpenAIRE reached a milestone and transitioned from a project to a legal entity, OpenAIRE AMKE, ensuring a sustainable Open Science future.

This shift marks a new era and reflects, amongst others, our role in the Open Science and Open Scholarly Communication ecosystem but also how the world views us and the responsibility that this brings along.

Our new About Us page reflects all these changes. 

  • We make Open Science happen. Collectively and in practical ways. By aligning, training and providing services to where they matter the most. Learn what OpenAIRE stands for

  • We operate an open scholarly communication infrastructure with services and people at the core, accelerating uptake and culture change. Check our fields of expertise, services, policies and training and find out how we use them not only to shift scholarly communication towards openness and transparency but also, to facilitate innovative ways to communicate and monitor research. 

  • We are a participatory initiative from OpenAIRE's onset, which is reflected in our governance structure. OpenAIRE is its people. Meet our eight Executive Board members, 104 experts involved in 4 Standing Committees, the people involved in our 4 working groups, and our remarkable office team that ensures the implementation of the decisions of the General Assembly and the directions provided by the OpenAIRE Executive Board.

  • We have a diverse community present in 37 European countries and a strong international representation. Our members are experts and pioneers in scholarly communication and Open Science. Our network is a key to our success. See who they are and how you can become a Member of our organisation.
  • We believe that the best results come with strong partnerships to co-create value from a sustainable Open Science future. Thus, partnerships are at the heart of our work. Find out more about our partners. 

  • To achieve our strategic goals and provide our services across Europe (and beyond), we coordinate, participate and support several projects

  • We believe in equality and diversity and we are always looking for smart, enthusiastic people with fresh ideas and a soft spot for Open Science to help us make "Science. Set Free." Interested?

We invite you to visit the above sections and learn more about the new OpenAIRE era. 

We want to seize this opportunity and thank all committed individuals, colleagues, members of our fantastic network, friends and partners, and our funders, the European Commission, for supporting our clear and ambitious vision to realise a vibrant, dedicated, successful and sustainable e-infrastructure. Your support over the years was crucial to OpenAIRE success.  

We love what we do. And we love to see our organisation positing itself throughout the years both in Europe and beyond and becoming a major component of the EOSC that contributes to its development more robustly and comprehensively. 

OpenAIRE fulfils the EOSC vision. Our mission is closely linked to the mission of the European Commission: to provide unlimited, barrier-free, open access to research outputs financed by public funding in Europe.

Take a tour in our new "About Us" webpage, learn more about OpenAIRE, get involved and explore OpenAIRE's unique ecosystem. 

Enjoy the ride and feel free to share your feedback, thoughts and suggestions with us! 

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