Adapted from the original blogpost 'New H2020 DMP Guidelines' by Sarah Jones on the Digital Curation Centre's website

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The European Commission has released new Guidelines on FAIR Data Management in Horizon 2020. There are a few key changes and a new template for DMPs which has been added to DMPonline.

The scope of the Open Research Data pilot has been growing. In the initial 2014-15 work programme, 7 areas were selected to take part. This grew in the 2015-16 work programe, and from 2017 the pilot will be extended to cover all the thematic areas of Horizon 2020, making Open Access to Research Data the default. 


  • The revised guidelines place an emphasis on projects producing FAIR data, that is data which are Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Re-usable. 
  • Another critical change is that a single DMP is to be produced per project, rather than one per dataset as previously. 
  • It is not required to provide detailed answers to all the questions in the first version at month 6. The DMP is intended to be a living document in which finer grained information is made available as the implementation progresses. 
  • The other useful clarification is in terms of costs. Costs related to open access to research data are eligible, and can be claimed for reimbursement during the duration of the project under the conditions defined in the grant agreement. 

Image credit: 'OPEN' by Tom Magliery CC-BY-NC-SA


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