New OA-policy at Aalborg University, Denmark

The Management, the AAU Open Access Committee and the VBN Editorial Office have drawn up an Open Access policy for the University that applies from 31 August 2011. The focus of the policy is to make researchers aware of the importance of adding full text files to their publications in Aalborg University’s Research Database (VBN).


Research from AAU is to be exposed and disseminated to the wider public through the Open Access initiative.

Open Access is a concept that concerns free access to scientific literature. By making research free and accessible to all, Open Access will contribute actively to the dissemination of new knowledge to an extent that is unprecedented. Today, most journals allow Open Access, while other journals have an embargo period of e.g. six or twelve months after which parallel publication of the articles is allowed. In this case in VBN. With the implementation of Open Access, Aalborg University aims at furthering its research both nationally and internationally. When speaking of countries that are internationalized in terms of research collaboration, Denmark comes in fifth place. The university’s Open Access initiative secures the continued increase of this tendency. With its Open Access policy, Aalborg University wishes to give easy access to research to the business community for the purpose of furthering collaboration with the business community and to transform knowledge into growth. Open Access turns research communication into a powerful parameter for the researcher who quickly and easily can get access to the knowledge and experience of fellow researchers, as well as gain the advantages of increased citations per Open Access publication.

The Open Access policy does not disregard the peer-review process

Research at Aalborg University must continue to reflect the highest standards of academic excellence. Therefore, the process of peer-reviewing, as it holds for publication in journals today, must continue to have high priority. Neither must the Open Access policy stand in the way of research publication through the most recognized publication channels. The Management points forward in its wish that peer-reviewed versions of a research publication must be parallel published in VBN, to give speedy access to the wider public.

The VBN Editorial Office’s work on Open Access

The VBN Editorial Office answers questions regarding Open Access. We inform you of your rights in connection with uploading full text documents, help you interpret the publication rights of the publishers and, if necessary, contact the publishers in matters of dispute regarding parallel publication. Please contact us for further information on Open Access and the new Open Access policy.

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