New Open Access Mandate in Spain: Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

The 28th, November, 2010, the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, approved the Open Access Policy of the University, to promote publication in the Open Repository UPM (or in Polytechnic Digital Library) for academic and scientific work of both teachers and students alike.

Policy document (in Spanish):


-       The UPM encourages members of the academic community to publish the results of their teaching and research in Open access journals (or allowing authors depositing a copy in open repositories) and / or in open repositories recognized in the scientific community.

-       UPM requests the faculty and research staff to deposit the academic publications: journal articles, published on conferences, theses, master reports, final projects and scientific and technical documents in general (reports, reports, etc..) in the DSpace Digital Archive UPM (

-       The UPM request all teachers that conduct projects, master reports, dissertations and other works to recommend their tutored students the publication of such work at at the Institutional repository UPM Digital Archive (

In accordance with the Open Access policy to the results of research promoted by the Community of Madrid, the Spanish Government, and the EU, research groups applying for UPM research funding  should facilitate the publication of their results in UPM DSpace Digital Archive ( through self-archiving system or providing a digital copy of the documents, taking into account publishers self-archive policies, avoiding those publications which do not comply with those policies.
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