The OpenAIRE Provide Service launched a new user interface and a completely redesigned Dashboard. These new updates results from the efforts of OpenAIRE team to improve the Dashboard usability and to offer a more comprehensive interface to find and use the dashboard functionalities. Launched on April 7th, the new UI offers to data source managers a new user experience to take full advantage of OpenAIRE Provide functionalities.

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The Provide Dashboard is a one-stop-service where content providers (publications, data, software, etc.) interact with OpenAIRE and become a building block of a global Open Research community.

A gateway to the European Open Science Cloud.

The OpenAIRE Provide service - in production since October 2018 - has been in continuous development, improving and offering new functionalities for content providers. It has been a path where all stakeholders are involved - OpenAIRE team, content providers, infrastructures, initiatives - in order to develop a service that meets the user needs and follow the most recent advances related to content policies, interoperability guidelines, infrastructure requirements, etc..

 Brand new User Interface

provide home page


Oriented to Content Providers

The new landing page presents not only a new layout and design, but also a set of resources and useful information for content providers around services, policies, guidelines and support. 

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Closer to users' needs

Discover the Provide functionalities in a more friendly interaction.
Find how your data source interacts with OpenAIRE at a glance.
The new Dashboard is completely transformed to offer a full overview of data source integration into the OpenAIRE infrastructure.

All you need to manage your data source and be part of EOSC

The OpenAIRE Provide Dashboard is a one-stop-shop web service where content providers (repository, data archive, journal, aggregator, CRIS system) interact with OpenAIRE. It provides the front-end access to many of OpenAIRE’s backend services. By using these services, OpenAIRE is helping data source managers to improve the metadata quality, to comply with interoperability standards, to enrich the records with additional metadata and get additional connections, and to measure the impact of data source through usage statistics reports. Make your data source part of OpenAIRE and become a building block of a global Open Research community. A gateway to the European Open Science Cloud.

Provide Dashboard brings all your data together

Get front-end access to many of OpenAIRE’s backend services!


  • The OpenAIRE Validator service allows you to test your repository’s compatibility with the OpenAIRE Guidelines. If validation is successful, the data source can be registered for regular aggregation and indexing in OpenAIRE.


  • OpenAIRE allows for registration of institutional and thematic repositories registered in OpenDOAR, research data repositories registered in re3data, individual e-Journals, CRIS, and with aggregators and publishers.


  • Enrich research products with additional metadata, through the OpenAIRE Broker service.


  • It collects and analyzes usage data from the network of OpenAIRE data providers and exploits usage metrics like downloads and metadata views.

Is your data source not yet registered in OpenAIRE?

Check the compatibility with OpenAIRE Guidelines and be part of a global Open Research Graph.
Check out all the information you need to join and get advantage using the OpenAIRE Provide functionalities to validate and enrich your content, and also measure the usage activity of your data source.
Do you want more information? Our team is happy to assist you. Get in touch.

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Every month, on the first Wednesday at 14h30 CET, the OpenAIRE Provide management team are hosting a webconference call with the OpenAIRE content providers community, to present and discuss recent developments from OpenAIRE, upcoming releases from the provide related services and other related relevant topics, in particular a time to discuss and give feedback about interoperability issues and the OpenAIRE infrastructure.

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