New version of the OpenAIRE ScholeXplorer data dump available!

OpenAIRE is happy to announce that a new version of the ScholeXplorer Service data dump is available on Zenodo.

ScholeXplorer is the Data Literature Interlinking System that populates and provides access to a graph of links between dataset and literature objects and dataset and dataset objects. Links (and objects) are provided by data sources managed by publishers, data centres, or other organisations providing services to store and manage links between data sets and publications such as CrossRef, DataCite, and OpenAIRE. ScholeXplorer aggregates link metadata harvested from the data sources and out of these builds and harmonised and de-duplicated graph of scholarly objects.

The new dataset contains the GZ-compressed dump of the information space of the OpenAIRE ScholeXplorer service, consisting of 126+ Million literature-dataset and dataset-dataset links between 12+ Million objects, where links are encoded as records in Scholix format (schema Version 3. Links were collected from publishers (CrossRef, EventData), data centres (DataCite), and institutional and thematic repositories (OpenAIRE).

The links are available for download on Zenodo and organised in 29 compressed files, each of ~500MB, for a total of ~15GB.

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