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OpenAIRE CEO receives the 2022 Medal of Honour

| Anastasia Aritzi
The Vietsch Foundation awards the 2022 Medal of Honour to Natalia Manola.

DARIAH EU and OpenAIRE: Strengthening our collaboration

| Anastasia Aritzi
 Collaboration to sustain flagship services from humanities.

Horizon Europe: OpenAIRE Guides for Researchers

| Anastasia Aritzi
 OpenAIRE has prepared three guides aimed at researchers who wish to take part in funding calls. 

Contributing to national EOSC ecosystems

| Anastasia Aritzi
OpenAIRE Services and EOSC: A new infographic is available now! This post presents the infographic about OpenAIRE services prepared by the members of the EOSC WG sub-group on “Technical recommendations”, Michal Růžička, Gültekin Gürdal, and Elli Papadopoulou. 

Open Science e-learning for the community

| Shanmugasundaram Venkataraman
A brand-new, free to use, openly licensed, trustworthy and sustainable training platform on Open Science? Let us introduce you to OpenPlato. The OpenAIRE learning platform based on Moodle, open to the community. Learn about its functionalities and see how you can be part of ist shaping and use. 

New era. New webpage. New Us.

| Anastasia Aritzi
OpenAIRE in a nutshell!  What we do, how we do it, what our model of governance is, who are the members of our organisation, who are our partners and how to become one? What is our role in EOSC and how OpenAIRE is contributing to its development? Learn more about us, get involved and explore OpenAIRE's unique ecosystem. 

Our Authentication and Authorisation infrastructure

| Nicolas Liampotis
OpenAIRE AAI: ​​interoperable and secure access to Open Science infrastructures made easy. Building on the AARC Blueprint Architecture and Interoperability Guidelines and compatible with EOSC, the OpenAIRE AAI enables researchers to securely access and share common resources and services using institutional identities from eduGAIN. 

EMBRC-OpenAIRE: collaborating on Open Science

| Anastasia Aritzi
The OpenAIRE-Nexus consortium and the European Marine Biological Resource Centre (EMBRC) proudly announce their collaboration to develop a dashboard for EMBRC research outputs. The new web platform will facilitate the tracking of EMBRC publications and provide statistics and indicators useful for reporting and monitoring the impact of EMBRC in t...

Making Open Science the new normal

| Giulia Malaguarnera
OpenAIRE participated in the EOSC Policy Event on May 4,2022 in Stasbourg. Key actors participated in high level discusssions, reafirming the needs and the commitments to make EOSC a success. Read our reflections on the event.

Aurora and OpenAIRE join forces on Open Science and SDGs

| Anastasia Aritzi
OpenAIRE and  Aurora have recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding to collaborate to map research output to the SDGs, and to provide new functionalities like SDG-oriented discovery and statistics on Open Science, and learn from each other.

Horizon Europe Open Science requirements in practice 

| Anastasia Aritzi
Don't miss OpenAIRE's next public webinar. Register and join us! This webinar will talk about the Open Science policies for Open Access to scientific publications and Research Data Management and Sharing in Horizon Europe (HE), followed by a preview of the main tools and services from OpenAIRE to help project coordinators and research...

OpenAIRE Monitor Institutional Dashboard: Our new service tailored to your needs

| Anastasia Aritzi
Helping organizations increase their impact on society we have realeased the OpenAIRE Monitor Institutional Dashboard. Our new on-demand service built upon the OpenAIRE Research Graph offers tailor-made data and visualization monitoring dashboards for institutions, funders and research infrastructures.  

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