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A Tribute to Uwe Müller

It is with sadness that we learnt of the passing away of Uwe Müller in February 2019. Uwe was inextricably linked to his work at the German DINI initiative (German Initiative for Networked Information) which among other things has developed the DINI certificate to improve OA publishing and publication infrastructures.

Paving the way for linked repository landscape

Uwe’s dedication for over a decade in developing the DINI certificate led to the established guidelines and protocols to support the interoperability of repositories, and the DRIVER Guidelines. These ultimately led to the OpenAIRE guidelines, the backbone of our infrastructure.

OpenAIRE and the repository community is particularly grateful to Uwe for all the hard work he put into laying the foundations for the network of repositories which supports Open Science today.


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OpenAIRE’s response on the Implementation Guidelines of Plan S

OpenAIRE's consortium received the Guidance on the implementation of the Plan S with great interest and appreciates this call for public feedback.

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ICT news itemFrom 4 to 6 December at the ICT 2018 exhibition in Vienna, EOSC-hub, OpenAIRE, RDA Europe and FREYA projects are opening a joint booth in the European Commission Village. It is designed to be a focal point of discussions about sharing and opening science, transforming policy-making and society via informed decision-making.

Topics such as sharing of resources, economies of scale on computing power, sharing of data and enhanced accessibility and reusability of research results will be open for discussion.

The four projects aim to cater to visitors with diverse backgrounds, with a simple and fun approach. A series of demos will be showcased, along with cases from projects that benefited from Open Science. OpenAIRE will present its services on Open Science, the open innovation challenges and citizen science activities. FREYA will show the value of “persistent identifiers” that allow research resources to be reliably found and reused, as well as linked together in networks—the “PID Graph”. RDA Europe will showcase its solutions, the RDA Recommendations & Outputs focused on enabling open data sharing and EOSC-hub will present visitors the services and resources that can support their daily work.

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Shaping the next generation of Open Science Platforms: Open call for Innovators!

OpenAIRE calls you to participate in its open innovation program that will shape new services through challenges.

OpenAIRE’s Open Innovation activities aim to attract innovation at all levels of the OpenAIRE e-Infrastructure: repository and publishing platforms, OpenAIRE services and value-added services using OpenAIRE data/content. Fresh business ideas and the formation of an innovation ecosystem would be the result of the combination of internal and external ideas. Future entrepreneurs, startups and SMEs will be the protagonists in this venture.

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EOSC Portal: OpenAIRE’s contribution to the EOSC implementation

The European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) launch event on 23 November 2018 at the University of Vienna is organised by the European Commission and hosted by the Austrian Presidency. It is the inauguration of the EOSC and marks the conclusion of a long process of consultation and reflection with stakeholders.

The event will stress the relevance of the EOSC for the advancement of research in Europe by introducing the new EOSC Portal that provides access to EOSC information and services. The how-to-use and the added value that the EOSC Portal brings will be showcased with the aid of live demonstrators. Moreover, during the EOSC launch event, the newly appointed EOSC Governance Board will be presented.

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