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Enhancing Research Workflows at Umeå University Library

| Iro Bournazou
A collaboration with OpenAIRE looking at DMPs’ integration with institutional administration.

The European Commission announces winners of the EOSC Procurement

| Iro Bournazou
The Open Science Agora consortium, led by Athena Research Center, with EGI Foundation, OpenAIRE  AMKE and Netcompany Intrasoft SA as key partners, are the recipients of the European Commission's DG CNECT public procurement tender, "Managed Services for the European Open Science Cloud Platform (EOSC) - LOT1" to build, deploy and operate the ...

Towards better teaching about Open Science

| Jonathan England
Last month, we concluded the fourth edition of our eagerly awaited train-the-trainer bootcamp. We are thrilled to announce that the feedback we received throughout the week and via the satisfaction survey was overwhelmingly positive.

New Funders page added to OpenAIRE EXPLORE!

| Alane Brunschweiger
OpenAIRE EXPLORE has added a new Funders page to the website, making finding funders present in the OpenAIRE Graph much easier. See what’s new.

Building the European Open Science Observatory

| Iro Bournazou
EOSC Track is a new Horizon Europe project led by OpenAIRE, which will develop and operate the European Open Science Observatory, a policy intelligence tool that will monitor policies, investments, digital research outputs, skills and infrastructure. Its mission is to simplify and streamline monitoring in the European Open Science ecosystem, to ...

Advancing Open Science in the Netherlands

| Iro Bournazou
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and OpenAIRE have solidified their partnership in a bid to innovate research practices in the Netherlands

Highlights from the 4th Open Science Fair

| Athina Papadopoulou
Last month, the Open Science community flocked to Madrid, Spain for the 4th Open Science Fair. There, we were ecstatic to welcome 382 participants from over 42 countries all in the spirit of openness and transparency.

Zenodo Update: Collaboration Made Easy

| Alane Brunschweiger
Zenodo has moved to our new underlying technical platform, InvenioRDM with a new objective of making collaboration easy while improving data quality and enriching services.

OpenAIRE coffee break on e-accessibility: It’s all about the tools!

| Iryna Kuchma
The OpenAIRE Research Data Management Working Group has started a series of informal meetings ("coffee breaks") as a means of our members to discuss topics of interest and exchange views. The most recent topic was an e-accessibility, which is of key to when building infrastructure.

Open Infrastructure for Responsible Research Assessment

| Administrator
We are pleased to announce that OpenAIRE, in collaboration with CWTS, will co-chair the new COARA Working Group on Open Infrastructures for Responsible Research Assessment. If you are a COARA member, please consider joining us as we begin work in October.

Introducing OpenAIRE Open Badges for Open Science Trainers

| Jonathan England
OpenAIRE is proud to introduce a new initiative to further cultivate expertise in Open Science training. Aiming to acknowledge the diverse backgrounds of those in Open Science, this program will empower participants through innovative training programs surrounding Open Science practices, whose successful completion is recognized by digital ...

4th OpenAIRE Open Science Train-the-Trainer Bootcamp

| Jonathan England
OpenAIRE's train-the-trainer bootcamps aim at empowering trainers with the knowledge and the know-hows of Open Science so they can pass it onto the researchers and students themselves, and ultimately help create a more open, transparent and accessible research ecosystem.