OpenAIRE Newsletter October 2017

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European University Association declared strong support to EU current Open Science policies and to OpenAIRE

EUA recommendations for Open Science to EU Institutions and National Governments


4european university association200The European University Association (EUA) has recently published a statement welcoming the efforts of National Governments and the European Commission in promoting Open Science values in their national research funding schemes and in the EU Research and Innovation Framework Programme. “In particular, EUA strongly supports EU policies such as Open access to publications and research data, EU-wide open science platforms such as OpenAIRE, and the upcoming creation of the European Open Science Cloud”.

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Upcoming: New Metadata Application Profile for literature repositories

OpenAIRE guidelines for upgrading literature repositories for EOSC era


5OpenAIRE guidelines4 0The scholarly record is evolving, affecting how and what bibliographic metadata describe. As a major update of the present OpenAIRE Guidelines v3.0, we are currently developing an application profile for literature content providers. It re-uses elements from the Dublin Core and DataCite metadata schema complemented by specific elements and attributes not covered sufficiently by these schemes. Learn about the main guiding principles and challenges that the OpenAIRE Guidelines v 4.0 seek to address.

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Zenodo now supports Funders OpenAIRE monitor services

Identify amongst 600K grants at deposit time


3 zenodo gradient 200Zenodo is extending its grant database with 600,000 additional grants from funders such as the National Science Foundation (US), Wellcome Trust (UK), Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia (Portugal), Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (Netherland), and several other prominent EU funders. This was all enabled by OpenAIRE's ever growing grant database for the benefit of Open Science. Since October 10, it is now possible to easily identify any funded project associated with a publication or dataset deposited in Zenodo. This novelty is complementary to recent developments in OpenAIRE regarding grant monitoring services for research funders. 
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Strengthening the global repository collaboration

OpenAIRE, LA Referencia and COAR commitment continued for 2018

2 lareferencia openaie meeting 200On September 27-29, the Directive Council of LA Referencia, the regional repository network from Latin America, met in Buenos Aires, Argentina. International collaboration was the topic of the final day of the meeting, with OpenAIRE and COAR representatives participating. In particular, attendees discussed the progress and challenges of current efforts to align repositories at the global level, lead by COAR and the collaboration between OpenAIRE and LA Referencia. In particular, the ongoing development of OpenAIRE Guidelines 4.0 were analyzed.
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OpenAIRE celebrated Open Access Week 2017 with 7 webinars

Recordings and slides from #OAW2017 already available online

1 Banner for Open Access Week square 200During Open Access Week 2017, we put Open Science and OpenAIRE in the spotlight by organizing a series of 7 webinars along the theme of the week, ‘Open for …’. More than 400 users registered to attend one or more of these webinars, covering a range of topics including open communities, workflows, and collaborations.  For the first time, we hosted three discipline-specific webinars for research communities organized in collaboration with the FOSTERPlus project. If you need to clarify some of the content raised, or didn’t have the chance to attend them, we have made all recordings and slides available for further use.
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OpenAIRE webinar series for repository managers 2017/2018

Strengthening the global network of repositories

6webinar series repomanagers200To empower our repository network, OpenAIRE is organizing a series of 10 webinars over the next 8 months. The main idea is to approach different OpenAIRE services and tools for content providers and recent repository developments, including: OpenAIRE Dashboard for Content Providers, Scholix guidelines for data-literature integration, OpenAIRE guidelines, Metrics and OpenAIRE usage statistics service, Text and Data Mining, the role of repositories in Open Access funder policy compliance, and next generation repositories. Check our calendar and stay tuned for further news!
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