OpenAIRE Newsletter November 2019

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The OpenAIRE Research Graph

Connecting Open Science

picture1For the past ten years, OpenAIRE has worked on realising one of the most extensive Open Science Graphs worldwide and is pleased to announce that the Beta release is now open for comments.

Find out more about the Graph and send us your feedback.

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OpenAIRE Open Innovation Call

Three topics, and a wealth of possibilities

picture2OpenAIRE relaunches the call for open innovation projects: 360k available for innovators to build on OpenAIRE data to develop added-value services on Next Generation Repositories, the Open Science Graph, and to expand the OpenAIRE service portfolio.

The deadline is approaching, read more and submit your application.
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The European Open Science Cloud explained

Three videos to understand the building process of the European Open Science Cloud

picture2What does the EOSC mean for the Member States? Who are the involved stakeholders? How can they get prepared and how will the EOSC will look like after 2020? 

One year after the launch of the EOSC, the building process is going forward.
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Collaborating to support greater visibility and discoverability of open scholarship

Canadian research libraries support compliance with the latest OpenAIRE guidelines

picture2Several Canadian research libraries are providing funding to ensure that the vast majority of DSpace repositories around the world can be discovered through OpenAIRE. The technical development will affect DSpace 5 & 6 to support compliance with the OpenAIRE Guidelines for Literature Repository Managers v4.

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