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Open Science policy alignment and Implementation - NOADs


The National Open Access Desks

OpenAIRE is all about people!

OpenAIRE’s activities are carried out by an active human network of experts with representation from 33 EU+ member states, the National Open Access Desks (NOADs). There expertise mainly focuses on Open Access and Open Science, library information, information and computer science, law and research data. They are located in their organizations/OpenAIRE partners within their respective country.

Our NOADs are familiar with national and local developments in their specific jurisdiction, cultural, governance and financing systems, providing support and solutions for policy implementations, aligning and transferring practices and new ideas for research or publishing practices.

Most importantly they ensure that:
  •      aligned and validated practices for data curation/stewardship are followed wherever research is produced, and that,
  •      the research community is in charge of future developments in open scholarship

With their continuous engagement with the research community, our NOADs represent the backbone of all OpenAIRE efforts in guiding the transition to a long-term implementation in the fields of Open Access and Open Science policies; hence, about half of OpenAIRE’s budget is spent on the coordination of their network and the formers’ local operations. As it is, in some cases, it is delivered as a subsidy to national resources, as selected NOADs are organizations that also serve Open Access purposes within their national jurisdiction.

In 2015 OpenAIRE’s NOADs contacted 9,285 EC projects, 458 repositories, 603 Journals, attended 388 events, published 79 articles and handled 938 enquiries. In particular, OpenAIRE NOADs organized 20 national/regional workshops on Open Science themes in 2015-2016 with more than 1500 people attending (+ hundreds via online streaming).

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