Check out the novelties in the Version 4 of OpenAIRE Guidelines for Literature Repositories

The OpenAIRE Guidelines for Literature Repository Managers 4.0 provide orientation for repository managers to define and implement their local data management policies according to the requirements of the OpenAIRE.

Interoperability GuidelinesThe OpenAIRE Guidelines were established to support the Open Access strategy of the European Commission and to meet OpenAIRE infrastructure requirements. This new version of the Guidelines, according to the expansion of the aims of the OpenAIRE initiative and its infrastructure, has a broader scope. In fact, these Guidelines are intended to guide repository managers to expose to the OpenAIRE infrastructure open access and non-open access publications together with funding information, when applicable.

What’s new?

Comparing with previous versions of the Guidelines, version 4 introduces the following major changes:

  • An application profile and schema based on Dublin Core and DataCite including a new OAI-metadataPrefix (‘oai_openaire’)
  • Compliance with the OpenAIRE Content Acquisition Policy, published on 05-Oct-2018
    • Open access and non open access
    • Funded and non funded
  • Requires no specific OAI set
    • Access level declaration per record more important
  • Uses controlled vocabularies defined by COAR
    (access rights, resource types, version types)
  • Enhances ‘explicitness’ by dedicated properties for specific information
  • Support of identifier schemes for authors, organizations, funders, scholarly resources
    • scholarly works: DOI, Handle, ARK, …
    • authors: ORCID, ISNI, …
    • organisations: ISNI, OpenDOAR, re3data, funder DOIs
      PID identifier types
  • Creates hierarchical level via container
    guidelinesV4 hierarchical level via container

ValidatorTest your repository against the new OpenAIRE Guidelines for Literature Repositories V4. Repository managers are able to run a compatibility test using the Validator tool at the Provide Dashboard. You can find detailed indormation on how to run a compatibility test at

Application Profile Overview

The properties of the Application Profile for OpenAIRE Literature Repository Guidelines are listed here.

How do the Guidelines V4 affect your repository?

By implementing these Guidelines, repository managers will not only be enabling authors who deposit publications in their repository to fulfill the EC Open Access requirements, and eventually also the requirements of other (national or international) funders with whom OpenAIRE cooperates, but also incorporating their publications into the OpenAIRE infrastructure for discoverability and utilizing value-added services provided by the OpenAIRE portal.

Guidelines References

Useful support resources

Content Providers Community Call (November 6th, 2019)

  • Topic: OpenAIRE Guidelines V4: specifications and implementation roadmap and use cases
  • Slides
  • Recording

How to validate and register your repository

How do I validate my repository or journal and provide data to OpenAIRE?

Use case:
Adapting repositories to OpenAire Guidelines V4: Huelva repository, a case study

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