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Horizon 2020 will be vital for research and innovation, as Máire Geoghegan-Quinn, the Commissioner for European Research, Innovation and Science has  pointed out (1).  A substantial focus has also been placed on funding for e-infrastructures which are a systematic and robust approach to supporting high-level scientific research. From OpenAIRE's perspective it is also fitting that this goes hand in hand with providing open access to these valuable results.


OpenAIRE is well-suited to provide the visiblity and access to the outputs of this vast funding stream via its own e-infrastructure. OpenAIRE’s vision is based on the principle that every Member State should be ready to contribute in demonstrating the benefits of open access to scientific information.

OpenAIRE also welcomes the Commission's support of both green and gold as complementary approaches to open access, as laid out in its new 'Fact sheet on Open Access' (2). The wealth of content in national institutional repositories is made more visible via OpenAIRE's aggregation approach which gathers local content at a global level. 

The new model grant agreement (3) for all projects clearly states that there is a requirement to add funding details into publications, which is a key recommendation to move forward on identifying project results from particular funding streams, such as the EC.

Open Access to Research Data

The EC has also announced an Pilot on Open Access to Research Data (4). This aims to maximise and share research data produced in the context of EC funded projects. Each project eligible for the pilot will have to develop a research data management plan in order to indicate what kind of data their project will create and how this data can be exploited and made open. The EC has also issued Guidelines for Data Management (5) and another set of guidelines for Open Access to Scientific Publications and Data (6).

More information about these requirements can be found at the OpenAIRE's Horizon 2020 page.


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