Open Innovation Call - FAQs

  1. In the rules of the call, it is stated that the applications must be submitted online. Is there a place to submit the application on the website, or shall we just send it through ?

    Applications have to be submitted by e-mail at

  2. Is it necessary to submit all the Annexes together with the 10 pages application form or are there to be submitted later?

    Each Application has to be followed by the Annexes that concern each team. Not all the Annexes are related to the profile of the participants. Thus, each applicant has to choose carefully the Annexes that will accompany its Application.

    e.g. The Annex 7 - Statement of joint and several liability has to be added to the proposal if the Tenderer is consisting of a grouping of companies (Consortium).

    As a result, only in the abovementioned case Annex 7 has to be delivered. In any other form of the economic operator is not needed.

  3. Our company is currently in the process of being registered. Shall we apply as a team of natural persons or as a company in the process of registration?

    Each Applicant/team has to deposit its Application by taking into consideration the legal status of their team the closing day of the Tender.

  4. How do I submit my application?

    Applications shall be submitted by e-mail at together with all the necessary documents (Annexes) related to the profile of the Applicant.

  5. Is there a recorded version of the Challenge Debate?

    Yes, interested applicants may find a recorded version of the discussion here.

  6. Does Annex 4 need a signature?

    An applicant may complete his/her contact details at the section indicated at the cover page of Annex 4 (right side, at the bottom).

    The signature of the applicant is needed after the completion of par. 1.9 entitled Cost information of the respective document.

  7. Where I can find the document entitled Economic offer in order to sign it?

    The economic offer can be described at the section 1.9 Cost information (Annex 4 – see question 6). At the end, the applicant may add his signature.

  8. Is the pen signature sufficient or do we need to sign the PDF also digitally?

    The pen signature is sufficient.

  9. The mail for the submission of the application has to contain one single zip archive with the pdfs or the applicant needs to attach every single doc to the mail?

    The applicant may choose what is more convenient to him/her. Both ways are acceptable.

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