Open Call Terms Conditions and Disclaimer

Rules and Conditions for OpenAIRE Open Call

All submissions should respect and fulfill the proposal submission process and requirements and noted in Annexes.

OpenAIRE reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of the open call at any time. Applicants will be noted. Decisions made by the Procurer regarding the interpretation of these terms and conditions and the awarding decisions are binding and final. The evaluation committee acts in good faith in granting the awards, and reserves the right not to grant awards.

Eligibility criteria

Participation in the tendering procedure is open on equal terms to all types of operators EU member states and associated countries[1]

Tenders may be submitted by a single entity or in collaboration with others. The latter can involve either submitting a joint tender or subcontracting (only up to 30% of total R&D can be subcontracted, more information below), or a combination of the 2 approaches. Teams should assign a person as a lead tenderer (contact point) and will be considered as the administrative contact responsible for communication. A signed agreement by all members of the team is required for the assignment of the lead tender.

Proposals must be submitted in English.

Applicant's cannot be associated to OpenAIRE partners, i.e. work for a partner of have other contractual relationship with them.


Applicants must apply by filling in all documents (Annexes) available online on the OpenAIRE portal.

A consultation team from OpenAIRE will be available to answer any inquiries on different kind of matters. 

OpenAIRE will respond only to the lead tender, via OpenAIRE moodle, email, Skype/GoToMeeting. 

Applicants are the only responsible for the content and nature of their submission to the OpenAIRE open call. No rights can be derived from suggestions and instructions provided by OpenAIRE.

Applicants are the only responsible for ensuring that no legal obligations, no rules of public order of decency and no rights of third parties are violated, according to the laws of the countries involved. They must also ensure that their submission results in no unlawful act and/or in no damage to others.

Teams will indemnify OpenAIRE from any and all costs and damages that could result from infringing their legal obligations.

OpenAIRE shall not be liable in the event of loss of submitted proposals namely due to network interruptions. In case of any failures of the OpenARE system or website, applicants will have to contact the OpenAIRE team.

OpenAIRE shall not consider late submission proposals as valid.

Once the tender is submitted, the applicant will receive the notification about the proposal registration.

The evaluation process is carried out following the evaluation criteria described in the relevant documents.


The information which has been specifically designated as "confidential" by applicants shall remain confidential.

Intellectual property

The ownership of the IP rights arising from the tender shall belong to the applicant(s). The results of the projects selected and funded by OpenAIRE are owned by the party that generates them, unless otherwise agreed. The party has the obligation to grant a non-exlusive license to OpenAIRE over the use, distribution, communication and further developement of the service. Moreover, all source code and accompanied documentation on a public free repository (i.e. GitHub, Gitlab, OpenAIRE, etc) under a free open source software licence.

 OpenAIRE reserves the right to use the projects selected and funded for publicity and promotion of the project via different media channels. The winning teams should cooperate with OpenAIRE on publicity and communication and act as ambassadors for the infrastructure services. 

Data protection

Personal data of the applicants shall be collected and processed only for the purpose of participation in the Open call by the OpenAIRE team which takes all appropriate measures for the safety of applicants data and respond to all the requests regarding data subjects rights.

Applicants acknowledge that providing their personal data in the Annexes is mandatory in order to participate in the open call.

Applicants allow OpenAIRE to disclose their name, as provided in the corresponding application form, in any form or by any means, for promotional purposes.

Personal data shall be kept, under the scope of this program, until its completion after which they will be erased.

Should there be any queries concerning the processing of personal data, these shall be addressed to OpenAIRE team.



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