Enrich local data via the OpenAIRE Graph

We propose to integrate the Notification Broker Service in DSpace 7 and DSpace-CRIS 7.

More specifically, we aim to develop a dashboard for the repository administrator like the one offered on the Provide section of the OpenAIRE portal. Having such dashboard directly embedded in the repository has several advantages:

The OpenAIRE service will become much more visible and easier to adopt for the DSpace community.

The notification will be immediately actionable in the repository: missing or additional information inferred by OpenAIRE can be reviewed and applied to the local data with one click.

The publication claiming system will be based on the ReCiter open source platform (https://github.com/wcmc-its/ReCiter/). According to the project website, ReCiter is a system for making highly accurate guesses about author identity in publication metadata. It is an open source software, originally developed at the Cornell University, that can grab publication data to be processed from different data sources, currently PubMed and Scopus. We propose to develop a connector for the ReCiter platform to grab publications from the OpenAIRE Graph.

The ReCiter platform will provide services on top of the OpenAIRE data, namely an API for the institutions to match their researchers’ profiles with the publications in the OpenAIRE Graph. The API also allows the single researcher to improve the system guessing capabilities confirming or rejecting identified matches. A seamless integration for DSpace 7 and DSpace-CRIS 7 to support the immediate use of the new data product will also be developed.

Tender priority topics addressed: OpenAIRE Broker: we aim to collaborate with the OpenAIRE team in the definition and validation of a public API suitable for an effective integration with repository platforms.

OpenAIRE GRAPH ACCESS API: we want to build an added value service on top of this API to identify new publications available in the network and authored by researchers at a specific institution. The resulting service can be deployed locally by the single institution to be used only with its repository or in the OpenAIRE infrastructure to provide a new open central service for institutions and researchers.

Phase 1 budget: 8,970 €


4Science was established in 2015 to support universities, research and cultural institutes all around the world in managing and realizing digital projects. We guarantee full compliance with methodological and scientific international standards and we strongly support open source, open standards and interoperability protocols. The 4Science team of experts has gained decades of domain expertise and experience resulting from numerous collaborations with universities and research institutes. We are DuraSpace Certified Partner, have a member in the DSpace Steering Committee, two DSpace Committers and we are active in the DSpace community since 2004. 

4Science is part of the Itway Group, a multinational company listed on the Tech Star segment of the Italian stock exchange, active in the IT sector for 20 years. It employs 300+ people with 18 branches, 700+ certifications and a total annual turnover of 120+ million euros.

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