Enhancing the food & cosmetics OpenAIRE Research Graph for consumer health

Ingredio currently employs state of the art computational methodologies that lead to informed results on the listed ingredients of consumer goods, and our technology can be used without geographical restrictions around the world for chemical ingredients listed in English, French and Greek.

The concept is to use and expand our technology by working with OPENAIRE to exploit the 11Mi full-‐text provided by OPENAIRE, i.e. research results (publications, patents, products – covering datasets, software and other types of output) in order to generate richer information on chemical ingredients of food and cosmetics by taking advantage of the OPENAIRE APIs and available technical support.

The final aim is to enrich the OPENAIRE Research Graph with new linked data that may be used seamlessly by consumers that embrace a healthy lifestyle, organic product companies, and companies that want to produce safer products and improve their practices.

Our focus is to provide informed choices to consumers on the products they buy, feature organic product companies, and work with cosmetics and food companies on using healthier and greener ingredients for their products.

The whole concept and workflow of Ingredio is attractive for commercialization since it is cost-‐and time‐efficient, with high success rates in providing informed choices using open peer-reviewed data.

With Ingredio, we have transformed publicly available information into meaningful, fast, and easy-‐access information for consumers and this will be further enhanced with OpenAIRE.

We support consumers towards more informed decisions about the products they bring into their homes.

Tender priority topics addressed: We offer a unique solution to exploit the OpenAIRE research graph by means of the open data in the OPENAIRE Research graph to find correlations between the chemical ingredients found in food and cosmetics with allergies, toxicity, irritation and allergies in order to inform consumers about potential hazards that these chemical ingredients pose to their health.

The data blended together with our expertise in text mining will add value for all stakeholders involved in the food and cosmetics industry, from consumers to the leading industry of food and cosmetics and to small organic consumer good producers.

By bringing to light this information we will enhance OpenAIRE research graph and further enhance our own mining and machine learning algorithms, web crawling algorithms, etc.

Phase 1 budget: 8,999 €


Ingredio is a mobile application, through which the user can take a picture of the ingredients of a cosmetics or food product with a mobile phone, and is informed whether these ingredients are safe or toxic/allergenic or of natural origin according to existing chemical databases. Our application is aimed at informing the growing share of consumers who want to know what is contained in the products they use and embrace healthy eating and cosmetics without toxic chemicals. We inform consumers  whether the ingredients of a cosmetic or food product are safe or toxic and if they are of natural origin according to a verified chemical database. Our application can be used without geographical restrictions for chemical ingredients listed in English.

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