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Qeios is a totally new integrated system of research production and quality check. We are asking researchers, gathered on Qeios to compose their Articles along with a new object, the Definition, directly on the platform. Why a new object? Because researchers can thus rate it.

For the first time, a ranking of Definitions — in other words of Article "ingredients" — will be built, which is able to answer questions such as "which Definition of oral carcinoma should I use in my Article?", "which is the best Definition of Quality of Life?".

It is now the cumulative knowledge of the entire scientific community that helps researchers choose the ingredients for their Articles. Its power is immense.

It is really striking how the simple principle of the "community review" has been fully and successfully applied by the commercial world — major search engines, online retailers, hospitality services, streaming services, etc. — but has been just weakly adopted — mainly in preprint repositories — or even rejected by the academic world. Actually the answer is as simple as the principle itself. To abandon a 300-year-old system, on which all the metrics used to judge researchers' performances have been built, is not a matter of one night. But the Internet has irrevocably changed the way we deal with information of any kind, for the better. The old printed-based habitat has evolved, we cannot expect to survive, and most likely we won't, if we do not adapt to the new environment. Qeios is ultimately filling the gap.

Tender priority topics addressed: In addition to assisting researchers in producing new, top-notch research, Qeios makes its content, whether new or collected from already published research, freely available in a machine-readable format (XML), discoverable by all with no economic nor technological barriers.

The presence of Definitions within Articles allows for a new, more detailed and comprehensive search of the literature.

Phase 1 budget: 8,980 €


Qeios Ltd is an active company incorporated on 20 June 2017 with the registered office located in London, Greater London.

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