Shaping the next next generation of Open Science platforms

Open Innovation in OpenAIRE

360K fund for innovation
In the period of 2018-2020 we will employ an Open Innovation programme to mingle external ideas with internal ideas, and internal and external paths to market, that will lead to the co-creation of fresh business ideas and the formation of an innovation ecosystem with would-be-entrepreneurs, startups and SMEs, closely related to OpenAIRE. This programme aims to attract innovation at all levels of the e-Infrastructure: repository and publishing platforms, OpenAIRE services, value added services using OpenAIRE data/content.

Defining the priorities and the challenges

Phase I

In order to better understand what are the main challenges of the Open Science tools, OpenAIRE Advance brings forward a number of these Challenges, for a constructive open discussion. The ultimate objective is to address a set of challenges that we all face in the road towards an open ecosystem of services; identify potential ways of improvements, develop and integrate into the OpenAIRE infrastructure innovative solutions, enhance its efficiency and deliver OpenAIRE products that respond to the real needs of interested stakeholders and communities. This is why we need your help! Stay tuned! The challenges are going to be announced in a few days!

Online Training Sessions on the OpenAIRE platform will also be organized in order to better understand how the tool works. More details will be announced soon!

What are the OpenAIRE Advance Challenges?

Stay tuned for a few days to find out!
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