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 Athens, July 17th 2019

Dear visitors,

On behalf of the OpenAIRE-Advance team, responsible for the operation of the OpenAIRE-Advance Call for Tender, we would like to inform you that the Open Call that was initially planned to follow the PCP process, will be re-scheduled and organised during the 3rd quarter of 2019 with a new form. For the teams that had applied before, please stay tuned to apply again! For newcomers or teams who missed the dealine, this is an excellent opportunity to apply!

After taking into consideration the level of participation to this Call for Tender (per Challenge) as well as specific PCP rules under the H2020 framework that are applicable in the OpenAIRE-Advance Call for Tender, it has been assessed -following detailed discussions and examinations also with representatives of the European Commission- that it is needed to change the framework of this Call for Tender in order to ensure its validity and success. As such, we are compelled to invoke Article 5.6 Cancellation of the tender procedure (page 40) of the OpenAIRE-Advance PCP Call for Tender and to reopen the Call as soon as possible in the next few weeks under a different Tendering framework.
Thank you for your consideration in this matter and we remain at your disposal for any other information needed.

Kind regards,
The OpenAIRE-Advance team



Through this Open Innovation Call process, OpenAIRE will allocate a total budget of €360,000 to successful project proposals shaped into products/services. Applicants and their products will also get recognition and be promoted within OpenAIRE ecosystem. 


The OpenAIRE Challenges

The background: OpenAIRE is a platform funded and supported by European Commission with the mission to shift scholarly communication towards openness and transparency and facilitate innovative ways to communicate and monitor research. The long term vision of OpenAIRE is to transform society through validated scientific knowledge allowing citizens, educators, funders, civil servants and industry to find ways to make science useful and comprehensive.

Open Innovation: OpenAIRE launches within the framework of the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 programme, its Open Innovation programme to discover, support and fund innovative ideas and implementations of software in the Open Science domain. This is achieved by the mingle of external and internal ideas that will lead to the co-creation of fresh business ideas and the formation of an innovation ecosystem with would-be-entrepreneurs, startups and SMEs, closely related to OpenAIRE. The Open Innovation programme will select innovative projects in the field of Open Science to develop products and services linked to scholarly works, repositories, data management, OpenAIRE infrastructure and OpenAIRE services. Furthermore, ideas that make use of current assets available within OpenAIRE and create new services for the Open Science ecosystem (and EOSC) are welcome!

The challenges: Through this open call, OpenAIRE calls young innovators and SMEs to work on one of the following three challenges, so as to improve or to build on the current infrastructure, by picking up the one that fits best with your experience, skills, and motivation.


  • Challenges
  • How it works
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Challenge #1

Next Generation Repositories

Building on the outcomes of the COAR Next Generation Repositories Working Group, we call you to develop functionalities and demonstrate use cases that  support the implementation of next generation networked services (repositories) and how these are embedded in OpenAIRE.

Challenge #2

Value added data products for Open Science

We are looking for new services that will add value to all research related stakeholders through the use of data generated by OpenAIRE, i.e., the open research graph. Blend with your imagination, skills, expertise and produce products for visualization, assessment, integration. etc.

Challenge #3

Enhancement of current services/technology of OpenAIRE

OpenAIRE is a complex data infrastructure employing a set of big data services from aggregating, to de-duplicating, inferring (text and data mining) and discovering. We are looking for innovative technologies to enhance our existing services and add value for our stakeholders.

Detailed information

  • The agenda of the Open Inovation call of OpenAIRE  will be updated soon.
  • You can unlock knowledge to more communities and researchers, SMEs, public service actors, and improve OpenAIRE services. Therefore, you enhance the FAIRNESS principles of Open Science and the overall impact of OpenAIRE.

    Winners of the open call will be awarded up to 60.000 euros excluding VAT, so that they can implement the integration of their software into OpenAIRE infrastructure.

    Additionally, you will gain recognition among Research Infrastructures and EC for your contribution to European Open Science Cloud, as OpenAIRE is a core RI in the EOSC ecosystem.
  • Step 1: Visit the and read all the information available.

    Step 2: Create an account on OpenAIRE Moodle ( ) to access detailed information, tech material, instructions, tutorials and manuals of OpenAIRE services per challenge. 

    Step 3: Prepare your submission documents

    You can join by submitting a CV, and a proposal (template) of maximum 10 pages. The proposal formation must respect the template (Times New Roman font, 11 font size text, pdf) and the following structure:

    1. Tender title

    2. Contact person and affiliation email, telephone, address

    3. Description of tender proposal

    3.1. Concept, objectives and tender priority topics addressed

    3.2. Description of proposed work, rationale, services, usage scenario

    3.3. Methodology

    3.4. Workplan: work, milestones, timeline, expected results

    3.5 Business model canvas (  

    4. People and experience: details of staff, capabilities, institutional and individual experience

    5. Risk assessment, which risks are foreseen and how they will be managed, and swot analysis  (

    6. Cost information: breakdown of costs excluding VAT, estimated number of days to be contributed to the project.

    7. A Curriculum Vitae of main team members has to be uploaded separately (as a pdf) - not included in the 10 pages.

    A review committee will judge the proposals based on the selection criteria.

  • Service providers, Young innovators and SMEs located in European member states or Associated countries.

    Beneficiary teams may be as large as necessary to accommodate open call challenges needs.

    Applicants are advised to form interdisciplinary teams.

  • Important: The services must build upon the OpenAIRE APIs ( Since OpenAIRE open innovation call is requesting teams to work on ideas and services/products that will integrate in OpenAIRE, any interoperability standards and technical requirements should be fulfilled. 

    The criteria to successfuly participate in the Open Innovation call, are to submit the submission template (provided by OpenAIRE) and describe all the neccessary elements required in a clear and direct manner so that reviewers can comprehend the value of your idea, its technical feasibility and the overall impact it will have within the Open Science ecosystem and OpenAIRE. Do not forget though that team is also important so try to showcase how and why your team should be accepted. What makes your team and your idea so special?  Try to implement solutions for currrent and future useage that will affect various user groups. 

    Solutions are graded based on the following criteria

    A detailed grading system that is defined by OpenAIRE open innovation committee are below. The maximum total points a submission may get are 30. 





    Alignment with the OpenAIRE interoperability standards, objectives of the challenge and promotion of open scholarship



    Appropriateness, feasibility of methodology



    Risk assessment and timescales



    Appropriateness of level of staffing, resources, expertise



    Level of innovation



    Cost breakdown, price and value for money



    Project experience and proven track records planning, management, delivery



    Impact on open scholarship, OpenAIRE services and user groups, public administration, SMEs, ...



    Total score


  • Information will be available soon!
  • Rules and Conditions for OpenAIRE Open Call

    Information will be published soon!

  • In order to apply for the open innovation call of OpenAIRE, you need to follow the steps described in the "How to join" informative session. 

    Study carefully the timeline, rules and challenges.

    When ready, fill in the following template and submit!

    Good luck!

    Submission Template Document (an updated file will be uploaded soon!)

Express your interest to know more information about the process of the open innovation challenges of OpenAIRE by clicking the button and filling the form.
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