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A programme with open challenges and exciting opportunities for stakeholders.

OpenAIRE is happy to announce its programme for Open Innovation!

OpenAIRE is looking for dynamic innovators to create fresh new business ideas! The objective of the Open Innovation Programme is to attract new stakeholders to address three identified challenges in OpenAIRE collaboratively:

  1. Next Generation Repositories
  2. Build value-added data products for OpenAIRE
  3. Enhance the current services of OpenAIRE

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The Open Innovation Programme envisages to form an innovation ecosystem with would-be-entrepreneurs, startups and SMEs, closely related to OpenAIRE and to publish an open call to fund developments in the Challenges mentioned above. The key areas for innovation identified in OpenAIRE are repository and publishing platforms, OpenAIRE services, and value-added services based on OpenAIRE data/content.

Successful applicants will have the chance to receive funding up to 60.000 euros.

What are the next steps?

OpenAIRE experts will be available for online Challenge Debates and Training Sessions to explain thoroughly to potential applicants the identified challenges and how the OpenAIRE platform, services and infrastructure work.

The Debates and Training will be held in May, from 7-15th. Register for the Debates here!

Stay tuned for the official release! The full agenda of the programme will be announced with the launch of the Open Innovation call.

All information and detailed explanations on the Open Innovation Programme are available on the OpenAIRE portal.

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