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Oct 31, 2022
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Open Science Corner: Gamifying OS Tools and Services

Oct 31, 2022

Open Science, as a movement, evolved, grew, and now shapes the future through a variety of projects, initiates, organisations, and services. Consequently, on one hand, Open Science offerings to users grow in number, like the exponential growth of scholarly works. On the other hand, new and even more experienced users of Open Science services need to spend a considerable amount of time finding, evaluating and using the services. Not all services fit and are valuable to all. Therefore, it is important for users of all experience levels (beginners, average and experts), to be informed with the latest support and training material (i.e., webinars, workshops, factsheets, guides, etc.). For newcomers, it is even more important to expand their knowledge and find easy-to-use and comprehend tools that show the value of Open Science services.

Open Science Corner introduces a collection of Open Science-related tools (quizzes, calculators and more to come), support and training material, in a user-friendly way. 

OpenAIRE's vision for the Open Science Corner is to collect and promote Open Science tools from various service providers, universities and organisations and make them available to the research community, researchers, funders, policymakers, innovators and citizens. 

The learning paths

Open Science Corner users are gradually introduced to Open Science services by mapping the services of their interest in relation to the research life cycle. Additionally, users can try out quizzes and calculators to assess their knowledge of Open Science topic domains. 

Level 1

  • Beginners are welcome to take a quiz and learn how familiar they are with Open Science. 

screenshot home corner quiz

Here users can find a set of six questions. For each correct or wrong answer, an explanative text accompanies your selection. At the end of this short quiz, an evaluation score of X/100 is displayed. Optionally, users can browse the OpenAIRE website for additional information.

Level 2 

  • All users can have a peek at the OpenAIRE services, grouped into eight portfolios: Discover, Process and Analyse, Manage Data, Publish, Assess, Outreach, Interoperability, Support & Train.

01 portfolio corner

Three quizzes are created for each set of portfolios. Users are challenged to examine how familiar they are with OpenAIRE portfolio services. A collection of questions per portfolio is presented, with each step showing the correct or wrong answers and an accompanied explanative text with external hyperlinks. At the end of the quiz, users view their scores. Then, two options are available; they can either view and learn more about our services via the OpenAIRE catalogue (, and/or access supporting material. 

Level 3

  • At this level, visitors are introduced to a collection of informative material and extra quizzes and calculators.

OpenAIRE team constantly examines, adopts and implements new tools and innovative methods that go beyond the norm and address all users needs, adopting the latest trends and offering new ways to promote and apply Open Science. Through gamification, the Open Science Corner aims to make Open Science easily accessible to everyone! In a modern, easy, direct and above all, effective way.

Get involved

Are you interested in trying out this new approach of learning by doing, using and interacting? Then try out Open Science Corner and let us know about your experience or just want to share your feedback, please email us at feedback[at]

Do you own, run, or know a training tool (calculator, quiz, game, etc.) on Open Science? Then please contact the Open Science Corner Manager androniki.pavlidou[at]

We have an endless passion for learning, a willingness to improve and a vision to further promote Open Science practices. Therefore, we welcome you all to experience and benefit from this new learning approach.