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Open Science Training for NCP Network IDEAL-IST (OpenAIRE/FOSTER webinar - Nov. 2016)

The webinar is part of FOSTER 2014-2016 effort to support Horizon 2020 National Contact Points (NCP) and advise applicants to capitalise on Open Science benefits. Date: 10 Nov 2016.

Webinar Description: Open Science is an EC Policy Priority under the broader Responsible Research & Innovation (RRI) approach. Open Science is more than just access to research for tax payer on the ethical grounds, and is about performing research in a way that optimises societal impact of the research. Traditionally, research has focused on the peer-review publication as the main output of the research process. Open Science philosophy, best practices and e-infrastructure allows for the entire Research Lifecycle to be more transparent, reproducible, and accessible to citizen scientists and the knowledge-based private sector. Ultimately, the EC aims to use Open Science to fuel Open Innovation and public trust in research.

The webinar introduced Open Science to the IDEAL-IST NCP Network in the policy context and offer IDEAL-IST to custom design their webinar series on Open Science/RRI topics closest to their daily responsibilities of supporting Horizon 2020 applicants across the European Research Area (ERA).

Video: recording.

More info: Foster portal.




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