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OpenAIRE and CNR IGG Collaboration


OpenAIRE and CNR IGG  teams will collaborate to describe RD&I in the geothermal sector. In this regard, a detailed and comprehensive collection of information from past and actual RD&I projects and activities will be carried out. Information includes, e.g. EU project deliverables, datasets, open access scientific publications (and possibly funds for research projects, performance indicators, prototypes and patents). The information will be provided by using an updated version of EGRISE (European Geothermal Research and Innovation Search Engine), which was an information web-based platform already developed. The updated version of EGRISE will benefit from the constantly updated OpenAIRE infrastructure and by exploiting the OpenAIRE CONNECT portal capabilities to harvest information from different repositories and then be tuned to reap the meta information of each single research product. 

OpenAIRE will offer a CONNECT gateway as a single entry point to all research outputs Relevant to the Geothermal community and a MONITOR dashboard to track the trends of geothermal research in terms of funded projects and products. CNR IGG will configure the CONNECT Gateway and the MONITOR Dashboard according to its needs, and will manually curate the relevant research products that cannot be automatically identified as relevant for the community.

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