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OpenAIRE and CNRS Collaboration

OpenAIRE and CNRS teams will collaborate to offer to Neuroinformatics researchers a complete and up to date record of research outputs of the domain, together with useful tools for supporting and monitoring the adoption of Open Science practises. 
OpenAIRE will operate the Neuroinformatics Gateway, a single entry point to research products about Neuroinformatics. OpenAIRE will also make the metadata records of those research products openly available via the OpenAIRE API and via Zenodo as a dump in json format. CNRS will be responsible for configuring and disseminating the gateway, with the support of OpenAIRE and will use the OpenAIRE API and/or dumps to work on some use cases about the re-use of software and datasets in the Neuroinformatics domain. 
Both parties will also collaborate to enrich the resources available via the European Open Science Cloud by onboarding services to the EOSC Marketplace and ensuring rich metadata description in the OpenAIRE Research Graph (and EOSC Resource Catalog) for thematic repositories and their research products.
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