OpenAIRE and DuraSpace partner to support greater functionality in the global repository network

DuraSpace 1On September 25, 2018, OpenAIRE and DuraSpace signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). Both OpenAIRE and DuraSpace have a shared interest in a robust, interoperable, and functional network of repositories that provide value to the research community and contribute to Open Science and Open Access in Europe and the world.

Repositories collectively act as the foundation for Open Science by collecting and providing access to research outputs, and play a key role in the emerging scholarly commons. To that end, OpenAIRE and DuraSpace aim to ensure that repositories are using up-to-date technologies and adopting international standards and protocols. Through this MOU, OpenAIRE and DuraSpace have agreed to work together on a number of aspects to support their common goals. These activities include enabling DSpace systems to comply with OpenAIRE metadata guidelines, gradual adoption of next generation repository functionalities, and working together on standardized methods for measuring and aggregating usage statistics.

This partnership will support the global community of repository users by improving repository functionality and enabling the adoption of other value added services by repository platforms and aggregators.

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