OpenAIRE and euroCRIS sign a Memorandum of Understanding

eurocrisOpenAIRE and euroCRIS have signed a Memorandum of Understanding. Its purpose is to establish and promote a strategic and cooperative partnership between OpenAIRE and euroCRIS.

Both organisations share a vision of realizing an optimal research information ecosystem and infrastructure, using technology to store, preserve, manage, share, use and re-use the information on research.

Given the complementary roles of OpenAIRE and euroCRIS, this close cooperation will benefit the realization and optimal functionality of this infrastructure. The benefits of this collaboration will reach all stakeholders and beneficiaries involved, including the research community itself, research funders, research managers and policy makers.  

Five main objectives have been defined within the MoU:

  1. Optimal interoperability between OpenAIRE and euroCRIS based upon the international standard CERIF exchange program;
  2. Implementation of research information policies and practices supporting the development of an optimal ecosystem and infrastructure;
  3. Communication of each other’s accomplishments and activities with stakeholders;
  4. Projects to promote and realize the optimal integration of CRIS systems in the infrastructure;
  5. Setting up training events.

About euroCRIS and its cooperation with OpenAIRE

euroCRIS’ rich set of contextual metadata has benefited from its supply to the OpenAIRE aggregation system, which provides it with a central core to make visible and searchable CRIS information. This research support information is thus freely available and contextualised via OpenAIRE’s APIs to build a picture of “scholarly output”.

This leads to significant benefits including the research community itself, research funders, research managers and policy makers, professionals dependent on research, and - last but not least - society at large.

euroCRIS will leverage the OpenAIRE network to promote euroCRIS and interoperability via MoUs and presence on respective portals.

euroCRIS is a not-for-profit association established in 2002, governed by Dutch law and dedicated to the development efficient and effective institutional, national and international research information systems and their interoperability.

For more information, please contact Jochen Schirrwagen: jochen.schirrwagen[AT]

Scholarly communication, research infrastructure, Enhancement of current services/technology of OpenAIRE

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