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30 May 2017

OpenAIRE and the ICSU World Data System (ICSU-WDS) today proudly announce the signing of an agreement to strengthen existing collaborations in the field of research data and to further develop joint activities to support the Open Science agenda. A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed between the organizations clearly states their intention to coordinate efforts in areas of mutual interest.

‘OpenAIRE is already contributing to the ICSU-WDS Metadata Catalogue and we are cooperating within the OpenAIRE-Connect project on interoperability guidelines and brokering’ said Mustapha Mokrane, Executive Director of ICSU-WDS.


To achieve their common objectives, the two organizations will cooperate more closely through existing and new working groups which will deliver outputs to benefit their communities. Both organizations will also enhance strategic exchanges and communication on activities supporting Open Science.

Paolo Manghi, OpenAIRE Technical Director says: ‘The establishment of communication and technological bridges between WDS and OpenAIRE represents an important step in identifying global practices in data sharing, publishing, and citation, and fostering Open Science generally. OpenAIRE is very excited indeed about this collaboration and working to make it as fruitful as possible.’

Under the conditions of the MoU, OpenAIRE becomes a Partner Member of ICSU-WDS.


OpenAIRE is an EU initiative to support and implement open scholarship in Europe. It is a socio-technical infrastructure, comprised of: (1) a human expert network of 33 National Open Access Desks supporting researchers, libraries, national centers, and funders with policy formulation and implementation at the local level; and (2) a diverse set of value-added services which interlink research information to enable and accelerate open scholarship at all levels of the scholarly communication e-Infrastructure ecosystem.

ICSU World Data System

ICSU-WDS promotes universal and equitable access to quality-assessed scientific data, data services, products, and information. It is committed to fostering compliance with agreed-upon data standards and conventions, and providing mechanisms to facilitate and improve access to data. WDS Member Organizations have a national or international remit for scientific data stewardship and coordinate their activities to achieve an overall capability that transcends that of individuals. Regular and Network Members are accredited trustworthy data services covering a broad range of disciplines from the Natural and Social Sciences, and Humanities. Partner and Associate Members are co-opted organizations that provide support and that participate in the WDS endeavor.


About ICSU--WDS:

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