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OpenAIRE and MiCISAN Collaboration

This Agreement is to align the activities of the Project to create the North American Studies Portal Project that shall be performed by each one of the parties, but such activities can also be supplemented by leveraging existing links with organizations from the United States and Canada, as well as with other entities interested in North American Studies. The objectives of this Collaboration Agreement are as follows: "OpenAlRE" and "CISAN", through their teams, to enhance the research community of the research group Red de Norteamericanistas (REDAN, for the Spanish acronym) from "CISAN".
OpenAIRE provides a CONNECT gateway as a unique access point for all North American Studies research outcomes. "CISAN" will customise the gateway and ensure that it has been set up appropriately to include relevant metadata records so that it will be the natural environment to embrace the purposes of REDAN.
"THE CISAN", supported by "OpenAlRE", will introduce and disclose the gateway to encourage acceptance within REDAN.
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