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and Open Science Management at ISCTE-IUL

ISCTE – Instituto Universitário de Lisboa is a research university with 9000 students enrolled in undergraduate (46%) and postgraduate (54%) programmes, 450 lecturers and eight units performing high-quality research:
  • Centre for International Studies [CEI-IUL]
  • Centre for International Studies [CIES-IUL]
  • Centre for Social Research and Intervention [CIS-IUL]
  • Centre for Research in Anthropology [CRIA’s ISCTE-IUL branch]
  • Centre for Socioeconomic Change and Territorial Studies [DIN MIA'CET-IUL]
  • Instituto de Telecomunicações-IUL [IT’s ISCTE-IUL branch]
  • Information Sciences, Technologies and Architecture Research Center [ISTAR-IUL] and
  • Business Research Unit [BRU-IUL]

ISCTE-IUL Documentation and Information Services provide the following Research Information Management services:

  • Publications and scholarship expertise;
  • Discoverability, access and reputational support;
  • Training and support; and
  • Stewardship of the institutional record.



ISCTE-IUL Repository in 2017

ISCTE-IUL Repository and OpenAIRE, 2017


ISCTE-IUL Repository and OpenAIRE, 2017

ISCTE-IUL Repository team checked the documents deposited in the ISCTE-IUL Repository with references to projects (2012-2017), added “Funding record” field int Ciência-IUL and used OpenAIRE Provide services. It has also built awareness, conducted training, produced flyers and launched Ask a Librarian service.


ISCTE-IUL Repository and OpenAIRE, 2018

FCT Publications by project (top 30) *IT and CRIA’s ISCTE-IUL branch

FCT Publications by data provider (top 20)

As a result, all these efforts:
  • Facilitated the compliance with funder requirements (acknowledgement of EU funding and Normas de Informação e Publicitação de Apoios para Beneficiários da FCT);
  • Increased the number of deposits in open access;
  • Increased dissemination and visibility of scientific production in a European e-Infrastructure; and
  • Facilitated evaluation of Research Units (by FCT, every five years).

ISCTE-IUL repository provides a useful information on open science management:
  • Reports;
  • Statistics at the macro level (Repository) and micro (projects);
  • Possibility of enriching the metadata of the ISCTE-IUL Repository;
  • Transparency in science.

More information: 
Boavida, C. P., Dias, J. & Amante, M. J. (2018). “Research information management at ISCTE-IUL the library’s role”. In Digital Infrastructures for Research 2018. Lisboa.

Dias, J. (2018). "OpenAIRE & Science Management: example of ISCTE-IUL". In Digital Infrastructures for Research 2018. Lisboa.

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