How OpenAIRE assists EnerMaps project towards FAIR energy data

Background: In our effort to spread the word for open science we collaborate with H2020 projects, assisting to make their data FAIR (findable, accessible, interoperable and re-usable). And we do on two fronts: by sharing our services Argos, Zenodo, Amnesia, OpenAIRE CONNECT, EXPLORE and Research Graph and by providing training to researchers, content providers, infrastructure operators and policy makers.

Enermaps partnersThe context: Enermaps is such a H2020 project, which focuses on open energy data. Bringing expertise from seven (7) organizations on data management (public energy and scientific), artificial intelligence and communication, the consortium sets out to produce two search tools for energy planners, energy managers, energy consultants, public administration officers, social innovation experts and data providers will each find their own way of using EnerMaps open data tool for:

  1. Searching by publications and datasets produced,
  2. Searching by location through an interactive map to zoom on the available data.

The situation around energy data: Energy data are not only difficult to find because they might not be openly available, but also lay in different repositories, might be corrupted or with missing metadata and licensing. This is by no means cost and/or time efficient and EnerMaps aims to solve all the issues while following the recommendations of the EOSC.

The value of EnerMaps: Enermaps is an open data tool that aims to centralize and develop an efficient quality-check process of energy data sets, in a user-friendly way, by adapting to different user needs. Its straightforward goals are to:

  1. Identify crucial energy datasets through collaborative research (supported by the Consortium’s internal and external experts and target group representatives),
  2. Compare and quality checking the datasets,
  3. Enrichvisualise and bring new analytical tools to these datasets,
  4. Compile different datasets in one place – the EnerMaps Data Management Tool,
  5. Lead a capacity building program on data management directly targeting lead users and indirectly targeting end users.

The role of OpenAIRE: OpenAIRE responds to EnerMaps mission by providing an Open Research Gateway on Energy research. EnerMaps users can search and find energy data in a dedicated and fully managed and customised research community corner. Furthermore, all data are qualitative accompanied with their metadata. Critical energy datasets are highlighted and linked to the Enermaps Data Management Tool, which improve and extend the visualisation and analysis capabilities of the HotMaps tool.

EnerMaps RCD

The EnerMaps Open Research Gateway is available at:

Currently, it collects information on 374K publications, 3K research data, 40 software and 3K other research products.


EnerMaps users have a unique place to manage their own research community where they can search for particular energy data sets, look for links between publications and data sets guaranteed by the quality and trust of OpenAIRE services.

For more information about the EnerMaps project and collaboration with OpenAIRE, check out the project web site at and  read the article published in EURO Heat & Power Magazine (page 19-22), attached below.

EnerMaps - Heat and Power - Feb 2021

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