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Sep 30, 2022
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OpenAIRE Bootcamp: a post-event summary

Sep 30, 2022

by Pedro Principe and Antónia Correia 

Thirty-six participants from 27 countries were selected from 85 applicants, considering their motivation to conduct training on Open Science, previous experience as Open Science trainers and additional weighting criteria such as geographical and gender balance. This diverse group was constituted of researchers, librarians, data managers and stewards, PhD students and research support staff.

The goal of this Bootcamp was to provide trainees with a wider understanding of Open Science topics such as Open Access Publishing, IPR, Research Data Management, DMPs, Horizon Europe requirements and recommended practices, in order to increase their confidence and ability to deliver training in their own institutions and countries.

This intermediate-level  Bootcamp was held within the brand-new, free-to-use, openly licensed, trustworthy and sustainable training platform for Open Science, OpenPlato. During the 5 days of the Bootcamp, through lectures, showcase of tools, demos and interactive exercises, the participants were given the knowledge and training techniques necessary to become better trainers and encouraged to share their own experiences to create a supporting network.

We are more than happy to share with you that the participants rated our Bootcamp with 4.8/5 and some testimonials from their end:

“I am more aware of important topics in Open Science and the way it can be presented in an interesting way.”

“Thank you so much for providing me opportunity to learn and to meet such great people!”

“All trainers were very prepared and open for discussion.”

Bootcamp Program Committee: Iryna kuchma, Pedro Príncipe, Antónia Correia, Gultekin Gurdal, Jonathan England, Judit Fazekas-Paragh, Lena Dreher, Marios Balatzaras, Milica Sevkusic.