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OpenAIRE is happy to announce that we will be present at the OAI10 conference in Geneva, Switzerland, on 21-23 June, and at the Open Repositories Conference in Brisbane, Australia next 26-30 June. Different presentations will be carried out by the OpenAIRE team on several infrastructure services and related projects.


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OAI 10

Poster: Advancing OpenAIRE

OpenAIRE has now been in 24/7 operation for almost seven years. As a well-established human and technical network for supporting and monitoring European Open Science policy implementation, we are always looking for ways to keep pace with the quickly-evolving Open Science agenda and European research infrastructure landscape. 
OpenAIRE’s ambitious plan for the future will advance our aims of creating the social and technical links to enable Open Science in Europe. This new phase for OpenAIRE will address key aspects and challenges of the currently transforming scholarly communication landscape, and actively seek and promote new solutions that better suit the needs of researchers, innovators, the public and funding bodies, relevant to new technologies and expanding amounts of information.
This poster will give an overview of these strategic future directions, showing how OpenAIRE will help consolidate the evolution of scholarship towards the open generation and sharing of knowledge, and keep Europe at the forefront of the Open Science revolution, endowing Europe with world-class services that are accessible to all.

Open Repositories

Presentation: "OpenAIRE Literature Broker Service: supporting repository managers by taking advantage of the OpenAIRE enriched information graph"

The OpenAIRE enriched information graph offers a great opportunity for managers of institutional repositories to improve their collections. Objects collected from data sources are aggregated, de-duplicated and enriched by inference algorithms to form the OpenAIRE Information space graph. The OpenAIRE infrastructure is in the process of realizing a Literature Broker Service, via the implementation of a subscription and notification mechanism supporting repository managers who are enhancing the content of their repositories by taking advantage of the OpenAIRE information space. The Service will allow repository managers to subscribe to (potential) "enrichment" and (potential) "addition" events occurring to the OpenAIRE information space graph with respect to the scope of their repository. The broker service will be available via a specific dashboard for OpenAIRE data providers.

Presentation: "OpenAIRE-Connect: Open Science as a Service for repositories and research communities"

OpenAIRE-Connect fosters transparent evaluation of results and facilitates reproducibility of science for research communities by enabling a scientific communication ecosystem supporting exchange of artefacts, packages of artefacts, and links between them across communities and across content providers. To this aim, OpenAIRE-Connect will introduce and implement the concept of Open Science as a Service (OSaaS) on top of the existing OpenAIRE infrastructure, by delivering out-of-the-box, on-demand deployable tools in support of Open Science. OpenAIRE-Connect will realize and operate two OSaaS services. The first will serve research communities to (i) publish research artefacts (packages and links), and (ii) monitor their research impact. The second will engage and mobilize content providers, and serve them with services enabling notification-based exchange of research artefacts, to leverage their transition towards Open Science paradigms. Both services will be served on-demand according to the OSaaS approach, hence be re-usable by different disciplines and providers, each with different practices and maturity levels, so as to favor a shift towards a uniform cross-community and cross-content provider scientific communication ecosystem.

Poster: "OpenAIRE dashboard for repository managers: from repositories for repositories"

OpenAIRE is the European Union initiative for an Open Access Infrastructure for Research which supports open scholarly communication and access to the research output of European funded projects and beyond. Thanks to infrastructure services, objects in the graph are harmonized to achieve semantic homogeneity, de-duplicated to avoid ambiguities, and enriched with missing properties and/or relationships. OpenAIRE data sources interested in enhancing or incrementing their content may benefit in a number of ways from this graph. This paper presents the OpenAIRE dashboard for data providers which performs the realization of an institutional repository Literature Broker Service for OpenAIRE data sources. The Service implements a subscription and notification paradigm supporting institutional repositories.