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On 10th June 2019 OpenAIRE-connect project organized a workshop integrated in the programme of the Open Repositories Conference about the  OpenAIRE services and tools for content providers. This workshop puts forward an interactive session aiming to provide detailed information on the main services and tools targeting content providers and in which OpenAIRE team foresee to collect contributions from the repository manager’s community to further develop the portfolio of services offered by OpenAIRE.

The workshop provided an interactive demonstration of the dashboard for content providers tools (repositories registration and validation, collection monitor and content enrichments), detailing mainly the catch-all broker service functionalities, such as the metadata enrichments and the usage statistics service. Additionally, this all day workshop introduced attendees the new content acquisition policy, the Guidelines for Literature Repository Managers version 4.0 and the OpenAIRE graph.

OpenAIRE Connect Workshop OR2019


Part I - OpenAIRE interoperability guidelines, the content acquisition policy and the graph expansion

  • Welcome and introduction, Pedro Príncipe
  • OpenAIRE graph expansion: an academic graph aggregating all information required to deliver monitoring tools
  • OpenAIRE content acquisition policy and the new terms of agreement for content providers
  • Explore service demo (and beta test drive) + Showcase metadata quality issues
  • OpenAIRE interoperability guidelines overview
  • Guidelines for Literature Repositories: implementation and early adopters
  • RCAAP use case & HAPLO use case
  • OpenAIRE Validator demo - testing the compliance against version 4
  • Breakout groups - discussion

Part II - OpenAIRE dashboard for content providers, usage statistics and the catch-all broker service

  • Welcome and introduction, Pedro Príncipe
  • OpenAIRE catch-all Broker Service for literature and data repositories
  • Dashboard for Content Providers: Open Science as-a-Service for repositories
  • Dashboard demo and test drive (breakout groups)
  • OpenAIRE usage statistics service - overview of the service
  • Service demo base on real case
  • Collection workflows
  • How to join OpenAIRE usage statistics, Tracking usage events
  • Discussion


Workshop presentations external link 16


This workshop took place in Hamburg, Germany, at the University of Hamburg integrated in the programme of the Open Repositories Conference - 10th June 2019.


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