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This workshop, organized by the INCF French node, aims to discuss the needs, solutions and resources available to participants for data management and sharing, then to identify the roadblocks to be lifted and to consider solutions.

The management of large and heterogeneous data has become essential for researchers interested in modelling and data analysis in neuroscience. Furthermore, both funder mandates and the requirements of multicentre studies and other collaborations impose a need to share and reuse data produced in humans and animals.

The presentation “Let’s do open neuroimaging sciences”, by Camille Maumet, presented the OpenAIRE Research Community Dashboard focusing on how OpenAIRE Connect facilitate Research Communities adoption of Open Science publishing principles by supporting artefact publishing tools as-a-Service, showcasing the Neuroinformatics Dashboard. The dashboard was also presented and demonstrated during the poster session.

 OpenAIRE Connect Workshop Neuroinformatics


Workshop programme  external link 16


Let’s do open neuroimaging sciences external link 16


This workshop took place in Marseille, France, at the Amphitéâtre d’odontologie, Campus santé-médecine - 21th May 2019.

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