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OpenAIRE and European Marine Biological Resource Centre Collaboration


OpenAIRE and EMBRC teams collaborate to ease the activity of tracking research outputs of the EMBRC infrastructure and provide statistics and indicators useful for reporting, for monitoring the impact of EMBRC in the research landscape and its contribution to Open Science.

OpenAIRE offers a MONITOR dashboard with a set of configurable indicators and the tools required to define the identification criteria of research products accountable to the infrastructure. The metadata records of the identified products will be made openly available via the OpenAIRE API and via Zenodo as a dump in json format.

EMBRC is responsible for the definition of the identification criteria using the tools provided by OpenAIRE and for the validation of the outcome of the text mining algorithm developed by the OpenAIRE team.

EMBRC will use the MONITOR dashboard for tracking/reporting purposes, providing to the OpenAIRE team any useful feedback on functionality and possible enhancements.

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