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ICT, Joint CNECT-RTD project meeting & workshop EOSC Concertation Meeting


What happened:


 Why did this event take place now:

  The Joint CNECT – RTD project meeting and workshop took place in Brussels, Belgium on 9-10 September 2019. The event was jointly organized by DG-RTD and DG-CNECT, the two units from the European Commission currently funding the invited EOSC projects and coordinating activities, as well as the


 . This event was the response to a recognized need to bring the EOSC community together and inform each other about the respective activities.
Who was there: 100 stakeholders representing the EOSC Governance bodies and more than 30 EOSC-related H2020 projects participated at the meeting which saw a series of break-out sessions and intense discussion designed to identify key assets, coordinate efforts, exploit synergies with the goal of building together an EOSC that will be greater than the sum of its parts.




The outcome: 

Discussions have been captured in the report by rapporteurs and 
EOSC Executive Board members who facilitated discussions.


The objective:

Building together an EOSC greater than the sum of its parts.


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The bigger picture (key takeaways from this 2-day meeting)

  • The EOSC is starting to emerge, so is its identity, due to the rising interest in all the projects that participated in the meeting.
  • Coordination and alignment among all EOSC-related projects is crucial and needs to be encouraged.
  • Openness and transparency will define the success of our mission, responding to the requirements of users.
  • Setting priorities and providing network solutions, certified services and the required software should be at the focal point in this stage of the process. For this to happen, it will take coordination of the European Commission and the Member States.
  • This is just the beginning. Questions remain open and they need to be covered by all means.
  • “EOSC branding” and effective communication will define our mission’s success.


What is next:

The European Commission, the EOSC Governance
and Executive Boards and all other stakeholders
are invited to use this report to promote the
objectives of EOSC and raise awareness amongst stakeholders.


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Read the overall final report.

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