OpenAIRE Ethics Advisor Position

As part of OpenAIRE's commitment to responsible research and innovation, OpenAIRE wishes to recruit an Ethics Expert who will serve in an advisory capacity to the OpenAIRE2020 project and its management board (the Project Steering Committee - PSC) in the evaluation of ethical issues relating to the activities of OpenAIRE. These issues will include but may not be confined to the following:


• Reviewing and recommending regulatory frameworks/policies for OpenAIRE’s open data production, dissemination and use. Ethical issues at the level of OpenAIRE are likely different from those at the national level in that OpenAIRE is dealing with different national ethical and privacy regimes. This becomes more important as OpenAIRE creates added value products from data originating from diverse sources. 
• Advising the consortium on ethical concerns in the sharing and re-use of the aggregated and enriched data, and particularly of considering issues of privacy, confidentiality, intellectual property and security.
• Advising on the ethical implications of OpenAIRE’s large-scale data integration on researcher/social groups and communities.
• Advising on whether and how OpenAIRE could and/or should be made accountable for technical/legal decisions on the its operation, and what implications such accountability may have for training and other daily practices.
• Reviewing disclosures for potential conflicts of interest in OpenAIRE’s tender calls (selection processes) and overseeing processes in the ongoing OA FP7-post grant pilot.
• Reviewing and recommending revisions of OpenAIRE policies on code of conduct and disclosure of potential conflicts of interest by its officers and members at large. 
• Evaluating OpenAIRE’s relationships to further its goals in regard to education, research and advocacy.
• Responding to ethical issues raised by OpenAIRE’s members (National Open Access Desks) and the OpenAIRE executive board. In this regard the Ethics expert will offer arbitration and endeavor to provide a rapid response to ethics issues requiring prompt action by the Project Steering Committee.
• Making recommendations on the setting up of an Ethics Committee (number of members, the selection process, procedures, term, budget, operation work plan) to start its operation in the spring of 2018, and especially how this committee will be visibly integrated in the pending OpenAIRE legal entity governance structure.


• Work closely with the OpenAIRE core management/executive team to understand the overall structure, operations and outreach.
• Collaborate and steer the current OpenAIRE2020 task force which acts as a project interim internal Ethics Committee.
• Make two written reports to the Project Steering Committee with guidance and recommendations (one in October 2017, one in April 2018). These will be accompanied by two reports to be delivered to the European Commission for review.
• Attend two physical meetings of the OpenAIRE2020 Project Steering Committee. Interim meetings may be convened by conference call as appropriate.
• Work from home, as this is considered a self-employed position (contract).


The appointment will last for 11 months. It will start in June 30, 2017 and will end on May 31, 2018.


The expert will be selected by the OpenAIRE2020 executive team with the advice and consent of the Project Steering Committee and the project interim Ethics Committee.


The ethics advisor reports to the Project Steering Committee. Written reports are submitted to the PSC and to the EC through the coordinator.


OpenAIRE2020 will pay the expert with the sum of 5,000 Euros. The selected expert will be responsible for reimbursing his/her own travel to the PSC meetings.


• Professional training and experience in ethics, especially relating to issues of working with data, big data, data trends, social analytics, or communicating data and data implications to various publics.
• Work experience involving data, data literacy and the role of data in decision making.
• Knowledge of the data/digital/e- Infrastructure domain and its needs, open data and open science policies and the European Code of Conduct for Research Integrity.
• Knowledge of international ethics desirable, but not essential.
• Experience working in a collaborative environment.
• Recent experience in writing or reading research proposals desirable (in English).


How to apply

In order to apply, please send your full CV and a short letter of 2 paragraphs that will explain how you could fit to this position at Eleni Koulocheri at ekoulocheri[at] by June 20th, 2017. Any application beyond this date won't be accepted.



For your questions, please contact Eleni Koulocheri at ekoulocheri[at] 

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