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OpenAIRE and EUTOPIA TRAIN Collaboration

OpenAIRE and EUTOPIA TRAIN project launched by the EUTOPIA Alliance network of six European Universities will collaborate to establish a CONNECT gateway, aggregating metadata of research outputs pertaining to the universities, members of the said Alliance, effectively being a single entry-point to all research outputs of EUTOPIA TRAIN. OpenAIRE will provide support to onboard additional content providers, where required, and for curating metadata in OpenOrgs. EUTOPIA TRAIN will make its repositories compliant with the OpenAIRE Guidelines ensuring their outputs are available in the OpenAIRE Research Graph and the gateway and counted for statistics to measure the uptake of Open Science practices (e.g., Open Access, links between publications and datasets). In addition, EUTOPIA TRAIN'S repositories will have the possibility to use other services for Open Science offered by OpenAIRE via the Content Provider Dashboard.
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