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For Universities & Research Institutions

How to step-up Open Science with OpenAIRE services

Open Science is creating a paradigm shift
and is becoming the norm in research

OpenAIRE wants to partner with you and support you in the implementation of effective Open Science.

6 steps for implementing Open Science
beyond OA publications

Using OpenAIRE services and tools.
Covering all research life-cycle.
In an out-of-the-box way.
Customised to your setting.
Your entrance to the European Open Science Cloud.

Adopt and OA/Open Science Policy

OpenAIRE has developed a policy checklist and a model policy template to get you started. 

If this is not enough, our expert team in your country (National Open Access Desk - NOAD) can provide hands-on support and guide you to adopt best practices.  

Link your repository, OA journals, CRIS to the world

Linked Open Science is the new norm.

Repositories have been the venue in which OA is being fostered for a long time. Starting from publications and research data, OpenAIRE helps you make your Repository interoperable with global e-infrastructures via the OpenAIRE Guidelines.

Publish research in the open

Take actions towards a sustainable publishing system in OA. Safely manage and publish data.

  • EpiSciences: Create and manage overlay OA journals
  • Argos: Write, publish and link FAIR Data Management Plans
  • Amnesia: Anonymise big datasets in compliance with GDPR guidelines
  • Zenodo: Archive and share data, publications, software and other research

Discover and share research with no barriers

Embed intelligent discovery that is driven by “scientific intentions”. 

  • OpenAIRE EXPLORE: Expand discoverability of data, publications and software and facilitate research project reporting
  • OpenAIRE CONNECT: Highlight collaborations via customised web portals that collect and share research outcomes of University Alliances or Research Initiatives

Monitor research outcomes, open science policy uptake, impact

Track research performance to make policy and strategic decisions for your institution. In a transparent way.

  • OpenAIRE MONITOR: Use a customised dasboard to measure and track collaborations, fundings, and openness of research
  • Usage Counts: Collect and visualise usage activity of your institution's records via automated & standardised methods
  • OpenAPC: Join other libraries to share publishing OA costs, improve transparency, and use for decision making

Train students, researchers and staff to perform Open Science

Train in Open Science to upskill your people. 

  • Guides, factsheets and a helpdesk to support all your needs
  • OpenAIRE bootcamps: Train your staff with the experts
  • Openplato: Use community co-created and authorised open courses 

How our services cover the research-life-cycle

Click on each service to learn more or download our OpenAIRE for Institutions  brochure

A community-led open learning platform for Open Science. Train on Open Science, Research Data Management, FAIR Principles.
Develop and publish Data Management Plans on the cloud or deploy customised version locally. Follow best practices out of the box. Configure to your institution’s needs.
Build custom, on-demand portals for specific scientific gateways. Use as a search engine to easily get access to research outcomes from university alliances.
A search engine portal to discover open research. Provides access to millions of interlinked scholarly works (publications, data, software), their citations and contextual information for organisations, grants.
High Accuracy Data Anonymization. Allows users to anonymize their data by using latest data anonymization algorithms.
An overlay Open Access journal platform of preprints and overlay journals. Authors get early feedback, while earning credibility and attribution with low costs.
A catch-all repository that allows researchers to share research results with the world-wide research community. Supports institutional “spaces” and communities.
A dashboard to validate, enrich, deduplicate, and monitor the contents and metadata from institutional data sources: repositories, CRIS systems, data archives, journals.
Customised research monitoring for research managers. Well-documented, timely and accurate monitoring indicators of research outputs, activities, collaborations, costs, impact.
Open Access Cost Transparency. An in-depth analysis on cost trends across publishers, e-journals and books or monographs based on the research activities of the institution.

Work more efficiently with an integrated approach

OpenAIRE services are interlinked with each other, and are fully connected and integrated to the global infrastructure. They all use open APIs and are based on transparent, community-led methodology. 


    Collaborate with
    the experts

    OpenAIRE is an e-Infrastructure in operation since 2008. Supported by a non-profit organisation that brings 50 member organisations and more than 100 experts to co-shape and deliver services, to support and to train.

    • Community-led services with open governance

    • Open source software, transparent methodologies

    • Big digital infrastructure, deployed in a trusted data center

    Interested to co-shape and co-develop services with us?

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    We are committed to helping Universities and Research Institutions make the transition to Open Science. Our services have been developed and operated from European Commission funding, are being governed by our members, and provide free-at-the-point-of-use options.
    We would be happy to discuss with you and learn more about your goals towards Open Science, to show you how to use our services, how to customise them, how to bundle them together to achieve your targets.
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