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Jul 25, 2023
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OpenAIRE Guidelines for CRIS Managers 1.2.0 released

Jul 25, 2023

OpenAIRE and euroCRIS are pleased to announce the availability of release 1.2.0 of the OpenAIRE Guidelines for CRIS Managers, which is available on Zenodo and on GitHub; it can also be read online at

The 1.2.0 release of the Guidelines extends the set of information that can be interchanged, incorporates updated versions of related semantic vocabularies and finetunes several details of the information exposure. A list of updates gives more detail.

Going hand in hand is a new release of the OpenAIRE CRIS Validator that now supports multiple versions of the Guidelines. Currently, releases of the OpenAIRE Guidelines for CRIS Managers v1.1.1 and v1.2.0 are supported.

The editors from both OpenAIRE (Andreas Czerniak) and euroCRIS (Jan Dvořák and Dragan Ivanović) have incorporated feedback from members of the research information management community, including members of euroCRIS and OpenAIRE. This work is a further example of the collaborative activity carried out under the Memorandum of Understanding that euroCRIS and OpenAIRE signed in May 2019.

The Guidelines provide orientation for CRIS managers to expose their metadata in a way that is compatible with the OpenAIRE infrastructure as well as the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC). These Guidelines also serve as an example of a CERIF-based (Common European Research Information Format) standard for information interchange between individual CRISs and other research e-Infrastructures. 

The OpenAIRE Guidelines for CRIS Managers promote information sharing within the community of research information/management systems. The guidelines can also be used to share scientists' profiles and make the organisation's, institutional, thematic, regional, and national science more transparent and accessible in a FAIR manner. The support of scientific products has been improved so that such research output can be found more precisely in search portals, like OpenAIRE EXPLORE or EOSC Marketplace.  The update was made in response to an excellent feedback from the community, for which the team of editors would like to express their gratitude as well as the experience since v1.1.0. The Guidelines team from euroCRIS and OpenAIRE continue to appreciate future feedback from the community through the GitHub repository at Czerniak

Current Research Information Systems contain a good deal of information that is difficult to locate elsewhere: for example the connections between research projects and their outputs or the instruments or other infrastructure used. I believe now is the moment for CRISs to open up towards OpenAIRE in order to both enhance their visibility and access its services. The wide scope of information in CRISs, which includes research outputs but reaches far beyond them, makes it possible for OpenAIRE and EOSC to get a lot of additional context. From this release of the OpenAIRE Guidelines for CRIS Managers I’d like to pinpoints how it makes certain persistent identifiers easier to express: ORCID iDs for researchers, ROR IDs for institutions, FundRef IDs for funding agencies, Grant DOIs for project funding awards, and many others. The previously used generic constructs of course stay, but the new way is easier to use and brings tailored validations of the format of the identifiers. Jan Dvořák


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