OpenAIRE integrates the ORCID Search and Link wizard in the OpenAIRE EXPLORE service


Athens, 25th March 2021

OpenAIRE integrates the ORCID Search and Link wizard in the OpenAIRE EXPLORE service.

OpenAIRE realizes and works towards the unambiguously identification of researcher with their work. That includes the delineation of orphan research records or inconsistencies on metadata records. Such collaborations facilitate the data enrichment, metadata robustness, information verification, trust and promote authors’ recognition for their work. Furthermore, it enriches the OpenAIRE Research Graph.

'Know, first, who you are, and then adorn yourself accordingly' (cit. Epictetus). Before the rise of ORCiD, researchers publishing their research outcomes, could hardly follow Epictetus's wise advice. Since then, things have greatly improved, services, organizations, and researchers (and the EOSC) relying more and more on the ORCiD's registry. Still, the road to the definition of a unique digital identity and scientific record for researchers is long and paved of technical, policy, and behavioural challenges. OpenAIRE is glad to make synergies with ORCiD, by ensuring that researchers can easily complete their record of publications, data, and software products from one single entry point, while, at the same time, identifying the critical challenges that may today mine such an ambitious initiative.

Paolo Manghi, CTO OpenAIRE

With our collaboration we provide  functionalities for users to complete their scolarly record by accessing the Search and Link wizard through ORCID or OpenAIRE sites. Additionally users may manage their OpenAIRE ORCID links within their OpenAIRE profile by

  • having a quick preview of the information stored in their ORCID record 
  • updating information previously added to their ORCID record
  • removing works from their ORCID record

View detailed information at how it works in our guide: How to use ORCID Search and Link Wizard

Keywords: OpenAIRE EXPLORE, ORCID, Open Data, Persistent Identifiers, Researcher Identifiers, Interoperability, Integration, Services, OpenAIRE Research Graph

Contact person:

Paolo Manghi, OpenAIRE CTO, Institute for Information Science and Technologies (ISTI) of Italian National Research Council (CNR), Pisa, Italy.

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