Over the last months OpenAIRE has integrated new content providers such as institutional, thematic and data repositories, journals and aggregators. There are currently 1155 content providers compatible with the OpenAIRE guidelines, covering a diversity of geographies and content typologies (publications, research data, software), representing currently over 24 million publications and 688,870 datasets! 

In September, OpenAIRE will deploy a new service for content providers managers, the Content Provider Dashboard, a one-stop-shop web service where repository managers and other data providers managers interact with OpenAIRE.

It will provide the following functionalities:

  • content provider registration and validation;
  • content provider enrichment and fixing;
  • content provider collection monitor;
  • content provider usage statistics from the OpenAIRE Usage Statistics Service;
  • content provider notifications from the OpenAIRE Broker Service (the service allows repository managers to subscribe to enrichment’s events occurring to the OpenAIRE information space graph with respect to the scope of their repository, based on the broker service)..

 For a list of new OpenAIRE content providers, see the full blogpost

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