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Jun 10, 2022
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OpenAIRE Monitor Institutional Dashboard: Our new service tailored to your needs

Jun 10, 2022

By Ioanna Grypari and Leonidas Pispiringas 

For any organization involved in research and innovation (R&I) activities, reliable and timely monitoring and evaluation of such activities is indispensable for the efficient allocation of resources and overall decision-making. The understanding of research funding pathways toward Open Science, knowledge diffusion and other key dimensions, can help organizations increase their impact on society. 

The OpenAIRE Monitor is an on-demand service built upon the OpenAIRE Research Graph with the mission to fulfill these needs. It offers tailor-made data and visualization monitoring dashboards for institutions, funders and research infrastructures, populated with well-rounded, timely and accurate monitoring indicators of research activities.  

The Institutional Dashboard, in particular, was created to provide institutions with the opportunity to track their research activities (grants, publications, datasets, software and other), and their performance in areas such as Open Science policy uptake, European Open Science Cloud (EOSC), collaborations, reach and visibility, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and so on. To meet the requirements of each individual institution, a default dashboard is improved upon in one-on-one co-designing sessions, that include the validation of the data shown and the creation of new indications, if needed.

Monitor dasboard CNR 1

With the added goal of turning data into insights, the indicators are presented via a host of visualizations breaking them down by different metadata elements of interest (data sources, years, typology, etc.), thus allowing institutions to identify weak spots and reveal hidden potential


To guarantee actionable and reliable indicators, the dashboards are enriched with a well-documented methodology page, as well as a search functionality that allows the institutions to browse through the specific research outputs “behind” the visualizations. For example, viewing the individual publications that are affiliated with the institution, including filtering them by year, funder, data source and so on. 

Screenshot 2022 New                                         Monitor dasboard CNR 3
In addition, data and visualization downloading capabilities are included to be used for the institutions own analysis and reporting

Monitor dasboard CNR 4

Lastly, we introduce the role of the “institutional manager”, who has edit rights on the dashboard and can change the privacy settings for each individual indicator/visualization, separately, deciding which ones will be used to showcase an institution’s performance (“public” privacy) and which by invited team members only (“restricted” privacy) for internal monitoring

Do you want to learn more about the Institutional Dashboard and its functionalities? Then do not miss the Tech Clinic that is going to take place in the first week of May for OpenAIRE AMKE Members only. A public webinar for all the interested parties will follow. Stay tuned for more.   

Contact Leonidas Pispiringas (leonidas.pispiringas[@] for a demo of the OpenAIRE Monitor Insitutional Dashboard.

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