OpenAIRE Provide Dashboard

Marking half year of achievements, production and improvements

The OpenAIRE Dashboard for Content Providers - deployed in production since October 2018 - has reached a half year of activity, providing access to many of OpenAIRE's backend services.

The Content Provider Dashboard ( is a one-stop-shop web service in which content providers (repositories, data archives, journals, aggregators, CRIS systems) interact with OpenAIRE, for sharing, finding and enriching their content.

Content Providers can find in the OpenAIRE Provide a dashboard with a set of services to improve their collections and interoperability with global standards:

  • Validate: Use our validation service and see how you can apply the OpenAIRE Guidelines to expose your contents using global standards.
  • Register: Register your datasource in OpenAIRE and be part of a global interlinked network, providing links to content for text and data mining, view history of validations and status of harvesting.
  • Enrich: OA Broker service offers a wealth of information on scholarly communication data. Subscribe and view/receive notifications to enrich the metadata or the content of your datasource.
  • Measure: Assess - subscribe to the OpenAIRE Usage Statistics service; view aggregated, cleaned usage stats for repository access. Participate in the Open Metrics service by sharing your usage data. Get the benefit of an aggregated environment to broaden the mechanisms for impact assessment.
The usage of these OpenAIRE services gives to the data sources managers, the opportunity to:
  • Improve repository collections and content for enhanced visibility and access;
  • Improve the institution memory;
  • Better institution research assessment;
  • Compliance to funder rules;
  • Improve repository interoperability.


During the time being in production, the Content Provider Dashboard continues their development process, following the users feedback and the new services developments, aiming to offer a better service. The following examples represents some of the new improvements made during the last months:

Improvements of user interface:

  • Broker service: clarification of the difference between more and missing enrichment events; new user friendly layout for events notifications send by email;
  • Usage statistics/Metrics: new graphic visualization of each statistics report;
  • Collection monitor: improved interface for easy visualization of the aggregation history.

New help texts to guide users through the services functionalities:

  • Broker service: detailed information about each event;
  • Usage statistics: context information to explain each statistics report and guidance information on how to enable the statistics service;
  • Links to the new OpenAIRE guides within the service page.

Recent and upcoming developments

Test the integration of the new OpenAIRE Guidelines for Literature Managers v4.0 within the Validator service.
Enable the export functionality of enrichment events via CSV and SWORD server.

Service uptake

In order to leverage the service uptake will be published a monthly newsletter for content providers aiming to disseminate the Content Provider Dashboard, all their functionalities, new developments in the infrastructure, content acquisition policy, OpenAIRE guidelines and support materials that may help content providers on the usage of services and adoption of best practices.

content provider dashboard in numbers

The universe of potential users of the Content Provider Dashboard are by now 1424 content providers, which are registered in OpenAIRE. From those, the Broker service have generated enrichment events for 650 content providers, representing more than 19 mi events that may enrich their collections. 18 content providers have created subscriptions to receive notifications about new events of their interest. The metrics service received 116 requests to enable the usage statistics, of which there are 69 content providers that already have the statistics enabled and 47 under validation.

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