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noun maintenance 2048420 3b42b1As a part of the Toolkit for policy makers on Open Science and Open Access, OpenAIRE has released a set of model policy templates and checklists for Research Performing Organisations and for Research Funders.

The OpenAIRE Toolkit for policymakers has been designed to assist the design and adoption of Open Science policies aligned with EU developments in the field. It therefore targets stakeholders at national, institutional or funder level with a key role in the adoption of Open Science/ Open Access policies(university rectors, directors of research centres, directors of funding agencies, rectors’ summit, ministries etc.). The Toolkit can also be used by other stakeholders seeking to learn, adopt or align their Open Science policies and this is why all related material and resources are public.

The Toolkit for policy makers on Open Access and Open Science is publicly available on Zenodo (doi: 10.5281/zenodo.2573797).

An essential part of the Toolkit are the model policy templates and checklists, and these are now available as separete downloads, via Zenodo.

Open Science Policy Checklists:

These checklists cover the main elements that should be taken into account in designing a policy that is aligned with the Horizon2020 requirements on open access and the key developments at EU level related to Open Science.

Model policies for RPO's and RFO's: 

>The proposed policies draws heavily on the UNESCO Open Access policy development guidelines, the MedOANet guidelines for Open Access, PASTEUR4OA Toolkit and Policy Guidelines for RPOs, the PASTEUR4OA Toolkit for Research Funders and Policy Guidelines for Funders, the RECODE project policy recommendations for Open Access policies to research data, the LEARN project Model Research Data Management Policy, the policy working group of the EOSC Pilot project, and the SPARC Europe report on Open Data and Open Science policies in Europe.