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OpenAIRE Research Graph is an open resource service that aggregates all the data properties related to 
research products (metadata and links).

Imagine the OpenAIRE Research Graph as the core of OpenAIRE, where all OpenAIRE Products and Services point to. The graph data are available via OpenAIRE EXPLORE for all funders, organisations, researchers, and research communities to use, but also via dump in Zenodo or even via API. One of the innovative features of the OpenAIRE Research Graph is based on its semantic graph database approach where all the information (objects properties) are interlinked through edges among nodes.


This living system forms a dynamic graph database of semantically connected objects.


Want to know how we create the Graph?

The OpenAIRE Research Graph operations can be split into 4 main sub-operations (Aggregation, Deduplication, Enrichment, Post-cleaning) and outcome 2 main features (Indexing and Stats Analysis) that OpenAIRE and third-parties use.

graph architecture 

OpenAIRE Research Graph is a powerful service that creates the largest network of links between research products, allowing constant updating, enriching and giving a wider and better context to the universe of research outcomes, such as publications, data, software, or other research outputs.

All this is possible because OpenAIRE works in partnership with a variety of content providers around the world, from institutional Open Access Repositories to Data Repositories, Data Archives and Journals, from where it collects over 110M metadata records. Some of the most prominent third parties that benefit from the OpenAIRE Research Graph are for instance the European Commission participant portal, DSpace & EPrints and EOSC.GRAPH2

We can now all enjoy a more open and transparent Science, where new practices are being established!

Did you know that OpenAIRE Research Graph is one of the authoritative sources for the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC)?



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